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Plastic Comb Binding Finishes Before The Reader Even Starts

Aug 17, 2007
I'm sold. That is the look you want to see or feeling you want to get from someone after they view your work. Whether it's an end of year stock performance portfolio, a presentation on your company's closest competition for the company board of directors, a fundraising cookbook for your church, or your final composition for your literature course, its undeniable that the manner in which a document is presented may be, in part, what helps persuade a reader.

Sure, you've seen the vinyl binders, you used them for homework from about kindergarten on, the rings just got larger as you got older, and you became more particular about the color, and whether they had that plastic overlay that you could easily slide pictures in. They are ideal for just about everything from keeping chronological information, and particularly for documents that need to be accessed quickly. In the office, they are most frequently used for manuals of some sort. They are relatively inexpensive, and are readily available, but are better used as an every day tool in the office for your personal use, rather than for presentations.

Poly-ring binders are similar to the vinyl binders, but are tougher, and you won't ever have to worry about the rings warping and then not meeting or pinching your finger because they're not aligned properly. They wipe clean, and are ideal for those who work in a less than pristine environment, say outside or at a construction site.

If your presentation truly is of a sales nature, your best choice would not be a plastic comb binding but rather a turned edge binder. Ideal for on-the-go presentations, this binding system allows the flexibility of changing material easily, presenting in landscape form, so that items like photos and graphs can be easily seen an referenced, and yet can be folded up flat for portability.

Making the sale on the run? A great way to hold a number of separate documents for quick access is a presentation case. This would be ideal for a real estate agent, or a mortgage broker. Also convenient for monthly bill paying or invoice processing, the case isn't really a traditional binder, but does perform the same function in a slightly different manner.

If you've ever been in any kind of professional meeting, you've seen a combination binder padholder or clipboard. While these can be a little cumbersome if you do not have a desk to set it on, it is perfect for holding documents or agendas for reference while taking notes on a separate piece of paper.

Newer to the market are cassette, video, DVD, and CD binders. Specially formed to hold the appropriate media, they provide a convenient way to access and store any number of items.

A metal spiral binding is usually more appropriate for documents that will be of a more permanent nature. Dateless information would be suitable content for a metal spiral binding.

A plastic comb binding not only keeps the documents together, but also allows for information to be removed and added if necessary. They are lightweight and can be sized according to the size of the documents. Both sides may lay flat for the ease of note taking, for instance. It is generally cost effective and can be utilized for both landscape and portrait presentations.
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