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Tips To Improve Your Design Skills

Jul 22, 2008
Having to work with big design companies has a very large benefit. You get referrals just about anywhere and as time goes by, those that are referred also refers you to other potential clients like money having compound interest. This is basically, a web designer's dream, to work and do the things he loves best and be appreciated by many.

But, before that happens, we must first know how to enhance our web design skills. Many new comers in the web design industry felt kind of lost to where to start. Sometimes, they have the desire to design websites but they can't express it in a design. To make it simple, they can't make their imagination into a reality. Sometimes, some people are not gifted with the eyes of a designer that can distinguish a good color combination to another.
Tips To Improve Your Design Skills When Starting Up

* Good Artist Copy, Great Artists Steal - Two people who actually said those words are two of the richest men in the world. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. It is true. As web designers, you are an artist. The best way to start is to COPY other people's design and make improvements to it. Practice on doing the same layout, the same design, the same color combination of other sites and make it your own. Once you know the style, its easy to make a new style that you can call your own.

* KISS Principle - The KISS principle or "Keep It Simple... Stupid" is one of the most widely used technique especially in the web 2.0 arena. Perfection in simplicity is determined not when there are no more things to add but there are no more things to remove. If you can make the design as simple as possible, you're on the right track.

* Don't Make Me Think - Always keep in mind that people who uses the internet always want to save time. People want to SCAN pages, not read them. And when they see something interesting on your page, that's the time they will read the whole article. Keep in mind, web usability. Don't make your visitors think. If you can make them do something on your site, without them thinking tremendously, you're hitting the right spot.

* Practice, Practice, Practice - It doesn't matter if your first few designs are crap. In time, you are building a portfolio and experience. Each page you make will only get you inspired and try another approach on every different site you handle. Allot a time for yourself wherein you can practice a new effect or learn a new graphic tool. Practice makes perfect.

Always remember that you can not please everybody. Just like every artist won't be able to please anyone. Don't feel bad. Its just a matter of being true and totally loving what you do and the design you make.
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