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E Cards Are a Quick Way to Share a Laugh

Jul 22, 2008
Countless people think about sending cards on birthdays and anniversaries, to those who are sick, or to say "Hey!" occasionally. Usually, the thought goes away as quick as it came. While sending a card is not actually that challenging or anything, it does call for a certain amount of forethought and multiple steps to execute. And yes, you do have to get up off your duff to complete the task.

You have to drive to the store and take the time to browse through and select out the best card. You have to obtain a stamp, and then you have to dig through all the loose papers on your desk to find (hopefully) the address book, copy the person's address on the envelope, and go mailbox and mail it. Quite a lot of hassle! Consequently, most cards just remain in the "fleeting thoughts" phase.

There is another way to send greetings and well wishes: e cards. It really is a magnificent idea, and you never have to leave the house. Say you have the aforementioned card epiphany. You go online to the website, laugh yourself senseless browsing all the outlandish little video e cards, choose the one that made your sides hurt the most, and then email it off into cyberspace!

It is that painless, and since email is so quick, you never have to have that prick of guilt when you realize that TODAY is your brother's birthday and you did not send a card! With email, there is still time to send an e greeting and get it there on time!

Sending e cards can become addictive. For one thing, they are hysterical to browse through, and there are so many occasions to celebrate with a card-weddings, graduations, anniversaries, new jobs, baby arrivals, etc. There are also cards to flirt, say thanks for a remarkable evening, hook up with someone, or invite people to a party. There is always an excuse to send a good e card! Once you discover e cards, you will want to start sharing the outlandishness with everyone!
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