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How To Lose Out In Mlm Success

Jul 22, 2008
I had a friend who was an unhappy network marketer although she was doing everything her mlm training had taught her to do. Unfortunately, after a year of network marketing she was no closer to having mlm success than when she first started.

She was having problems in every aspect of her network marketing business. The products were not moving, most of her prospects were not joining her mlm business and those who did were not duplicating her to the extent that she hoped they would. Eventually, she began experiencing more losses than gains.

So, being frustrated as she was, she decided to jump to another mlm company. This move did not impact positively on her chances for network marketing success?

There are logical reasons for moving to another mlm company. For instance, a better compensation package as well as fewer restrictions on distributors. But will another mlm company greatly impact on success?

Well, as my friend is now discovering, this does little for mlm success. Most network marketing companies are similar. Sure there are differences in products, prices, bonuses and also the number of downlines a distributor can sponsor, but they are more or less the same.

A network marketer still has to make product sales and share the mlm opportunity despite the network marketing company that he or she is associated with. In other words there are no major differences in being a Quixtar distributor or an mlm consultant with Herbalife or any other top network marketing company. As a result, my friend was once again a frustrated network marketer.

So, this time I decided to make a suggestion instead of only criticizing her decisions. I advise her to build around her own business to achieve success instead of depending on the mlm companies.

What do I mean by building around your network marketing business? Well, all network marketers sell products and sponsor downlines into their mlm business. The more capable you are of doing this, the more successful you are in multi level marketing. You cannot fake this to make it.

Therefore, I encourage my friend to find ways to leverage these activities. I went further by suggesting combining the internet and network marketing. Many mlm companies do not permit their distributors to open retail stores but some do allow the use of the internet, so, why not use it.

The internet is ever growing in popularity. Many people are making transactions daily via the net. So I urged my friend to use the internet to build around her network marketing business.

My advice was taken but not how I intended. My network marketer friend began using a website provided by her mlm company. This website was ineffective because many of her co-distributors also had websites that were identical. Therefore search engines such as Yahoo and Google reject them. In other words no one will see them on the internet.

Think about it. Do you have a website provided by your mlm company? If yes, have you ever seen it being listed in any search results at Yahoo or Google? I am 100% certain you have not. The search engines reject duplicated websites therefore they are invisible.

Unfortunately my friend found this out the hard way. So she began sending e-mails asking her friends and acquaintances to visit her website. This lasted for a month without any results and she became a frustrated network marketer once again.

So, I made more suggestions. I told her to get her own mlm site. One that is legitimate and search engine friendly. It should provide a lot of free information that is helpful and useful to searchers. The searchers will feel a sense of loyalty to the site and to you and will be more willing to give up their contact information. When this happens, you have an mlm lead.

Now here are some statistics. In network marketing, approximately 1 in every 10 prospect is interested in joining our mlm business. Now, a good website gets on average 2000 visitors per month. Therefore, this means that you can have on average 200 interested mlm leads per month.

In the real world, however, persons who do network marketing online usually experience approx. 20 interested prospects per month. Not bad huh? Twenty mlm leads without cold calling or facing rejection and embarrassment.

My network marketer friend is currently in the process of building her website. Although the site is not yet completed, she is already getting visits from searchers at Yahoo, Google, Live and Ask. Now she is an excited and motivated network marketer. For the first time, she can envision her mlm success and know how she will achieve it.

So, are you still thinking of moving from one network marketing company to the next hoping to improve your chances at mlm success? The truth is network marketing is almost the same at every company. Therefore I am suggesting to you (like I did to my friend) to focus on your own network marketing business by building around it.
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Crystian Coldeira is a professional network marketer who specializes in teaching others how to be successful with network marketing. To get in touch with Crystian or learn more about network marketing success e-mail him at (kendell_83@yahoo) or visit Free Network Marketing Advice
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