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Is Cash Gifting Legitimate?

Jul 22, 2008
Cash gifting is probably one of the oldest ways of getting things done the easy way. Of course, this leads to a series of concerns and debates. Since many people do not know exactly what cash gifting is, they are very concerned whether this procedure is legal or not. As I mentioned before, even if cash gifting has been around for quite some time now. The whole difference between the older days and nowadays is that this concept has been transferred online. In essence, we are living in the digital era and most of what we do has been transferred to the online medium. Therefore, why should this not reach an online level as well. Nevertheless, with the Internet, being full of frauds and the involvement of great amounts of money in this dimension has lead to a new preconception, and people just seem to be afraid of any large sum of money on the internet. It is not as though they do not have a reason, but when it comes to cash gifting you can rest assured that it is quite legal, and I will explain immediately.

However, many people have asked the question what exactly is a cash giving (gifting) program? Obviously, the answer is rather simple: It is a way through which a private group that has the ability to give and receive certain amounts of money in the form of a gift, without being taxed on it. Even if it looks like cash gifting is not entirely legal, you can rest assured, it actually is legitimate. You see, the Constitutional rights allow you to give (and receive) assets or cash. Title 26 in the IRS Tax Code can give you more insight on this subject if you are a citizen of the United States. Within the United States, you are allowed to give a gift of about $12,000 from one individual per year without having to pay any taxes for this amount of money, no matter if you are the sender or the receiver. In addition, what is even better is that any amount of money within that limit is not calculated into the gross income of the person that receives the gift. You can receive these large gifts from as many people as you want. The benefits provided by cash gifting are quite endless, and now you know that it is legal too!

Since there are hundreds of cash gifting programs on the internet, there is another question you should ask yourself: which one should I use? Here you can start worrying about what is legal and what is not legal since there are several programs on the internet that easily fall into the scam category. You would not want your gift to get into the wrong hands, would you? Very often, these types of frauds are a lost cause. You cannot do anything about your lost funds. Caution is very important especially if a great sum is involved. Remember that when even if you have found the best cash gifting program on the internet there is still a certain marketing knowledge you have to own before you reach your success. Therefore, work a little on your marketing skills before starting in this direction. Cash gifting is legitimate and it can be profitable if you know how to work with it.

But not every program provides you with the tools you need to go and receive gifts the same way you sent them money. Make sure that the program has plenty of solid testimonials, and that the administrator of the program is easy to contact. Follow these guidelines, and you will be well on your way to receiving large amounts of cash through the mail everyday.
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