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Your Competitor's Are Closing In. Where Are You?

Jul 22, 2008
High search engine ranking is a major victory for every business on the Internet. High rankings can bring in unimaginable sales almost overnight to those who get it right. But it's an ongoing learning and testing process. In other words it takes time, money and then more time.

Search engine optimization is the adjustment of web pages to satisfy certain criteria in to attain good positioning within the search engines. Search engine results segue between potential customers to your web site. For this reason, it's crucial that your web site is listed within the top 30 results for the specific and relevant keywords, which you believe, will bring you the most targeted traffic.

Put optimization to work for you. Get it right and you'll do wonderfully. Do it wrong and your results will show in your lack of traffic. The structure of your site as well as keyword relevance are both very important. What words or phrases best describe what you offer? Make sure your content is well written, easy to understand and consistent throughout the pages. Back linking or external linking is of major importance. It makes the difference between traffic and no traffic.

Relevant context is queen and well-written relevant content is king. Always be king. Make sure you have enough good text on your web site to get your customer to want to know more. If you just copy down text from a brochure or marketing piece without any originality, your web site ranking will not be as high as you like. Writing for a web site and writing for a mailed marketing piece are each unique in their own way. Try not to overuse keywords and phrases. This could be considered "stuffing" and you want to steer clear as search engines don't take highly to this form of spam.

Keywords within the text of your web pages are the most important consideration for Google. Font information and where (on your site) your keywords can be found is another. Google always seems to return better search results than other commercial search engines.

SEO techniques, which worked years ago, don't work the same today. However many of the "best" SEO providers still use these old school means of doing things. Even though they come out with new super cool tools, these gizmos do very little to help the client build a hearty and long lasting competitive edge.

Search engines and directories continually improve upon means to delivering more focused search results. Because these changes are, and forever will be, ongoing, they require continual tracking. Do you understand this? The techniques that gave one website great positioning yesterday could damage its' positioning today.

You can create the most attractive online store, have exceptional products or services, have prices second to none but if you forget about branding, customer confidence and standard business practices high web site ranking will do nothing for your bottom line. So many people forget about this, and then wonder why they aren't getting any sales. Whether your business is online or offline, your customer never changes.
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