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Dressing for the Interview

Jul 22, 2008
Before attending an interview ensure that your attire is appropriate. A person may have an excellent academic record, and may have answered all questions correctly but should they have dressed inappropriately for the interview then they run the risk of not being selected for the position.

Men going for an interview should be dressed in a suit and tie. The tie must be straight. Do not think of wearing t-shirts and jeans to an interview. Your teeth must be clean and hair must be properly groomed, before going for an interview.

A candidate who is wearing a suit and tie will definitely make a better impression than someone who is dressed casually in t-shirts and jeans. The suit colour should preferably be conservative such as dark grey or navy and the shirt should be white or match the suit and have long sleeves. It is always best if the pants have a belt and when the colour of the belt matches your shoes. Socks should be dark and shoes should be a traditional style and color and made of leather. Make sure that your hairstyle is neat and professional. Nails should be neatly trimmed. If you have a beard, it must be shaved before attending the interview. You will look professional if you carry a briefcase. It may also be helpful if you are able to find out the dress code of the company through contacts.

Women should also be preferably dressed in a business suit when attending an interview. Studies have shown that most women do not understand how to appropriately dress for an interview. Never try to be extra fashionable. The skirt of your suit must be long enough that so that you can sit comfortably in front of the interviewer. Under no circumstances should you wear miniskirts, sweaters or blouses that are tight or revealing or sandals with straps. Limit the jewellery you choose to wear; dangling earrings and cheap jewellery give a very bad impression.

Women should also be dressed in a business suit preferably when attending an interview. Studies have shown that many women do not know the correct way to dress for an interview. You should not try to be extra fashionable. Your suit skirt must be long enough to allow you to sit comfortably in front of the interviewer without the skirt riding up. Under no circumstances should you wear miniskirts, sweaters or blouses that are tight or strappy sandals. Limited jewellery is the best option whilst dangling earrings or cheap jewellery convey the wrong impression.

Do not use a hair spray for hairstyling. Pantyhose should be neutral in colour and your perfume and makeup should be very light. Ensure that your nails are clean and neatly manicured yet unpolished. Remember to carry a portfolio or a stylish briefcase with you. Avoid carrying a disorganized or oversized handbag for the job interview. If you feel the cold, you can wear a scarf.
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