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How does Rejection Free Prospecting Sound?

Jul 22, 2008
As online network marketers, we well know that the Internet provides indispensable ways to streamline business and market to a bigger field than would have been possible with old direct sales methods. Unfortunately, all of this streamlining threatens to impersonalize the mlm business model. Before you reduce all of your communications to clicks and emails, remember that nothing that can take the place of a human voice in building important business relationships.

Fortunately, there are tools available that combine the streamlined, Internet based methods you've come to know and love with a wonderfully human element: your voice! I highly recommend that network marketers and entrepreneurs in all sales fields consider the benefits of voice broadcasting software.

You want your business to grow exponentially, right? Yet, you're still just one person. You can only do so much. That's why you've got to utilize the tools available to 'replicate' yourself. A voice broadcasting system can give your business exposure to large numbers of people you would never have had time to reach otherwise.

Voice broadcasting software such as the iBuzzPro Automatic Recruiter, for instance, can call 10,000 leads in less than 30 minutes, at two to four cents a call. That's much less costly than pay-per-click advertising. A tool like this can completely eliminate cold calling from your business practices.

A voice broadcasting system can make prospecting quick and rejection free, empowering you to devote your full energy and spirit to other important aspects of your business. Leads will hear a recording of your voice talking about the opportunity that you offer. The truly interested prospects will call you!

Of course, a tool like this is not just advantageous for beginning network marketers setting up their lists. Seasoned network marketers can use their own voice to create familiarity and trust within their sales team, no matter how far apart they live. You could use voice broadcasting software to speak motivational messages, important updates or limited-time offers directly to your organization or your clients with as little time invested as it would take to send an email.

If cold calling and rejection has you down in the dumps, the iBuzz Pro software may prove to be a great solution. Whether you are a real estate agent, insurance agent or home based business owner, voicebroadcasting can leverage your time and money.
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Cathy Yeatts is an online business owner and network marketing coach. Find out how Voice Broadcasting Technology can end the need for cold calling ever again. IBuzz Pro is every network marketer's prospecting dream.
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