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Thank You Notes

Jul 22, 2008
After an interview, it is highly recommended that you send a thank you note to your prospective employer within 24 hours. Just about every career advisory book will advise you to do this, although it is a surprising fact that only 5 percent of job seekers get around to writing one. Sending a thank you note after the interview is a simple but crucial task. Employers will be pleasantly surprised to receive your thank you note. The note is a form of courtesy that you can show towards your employer. You can set yourself apart from other candidates by just such a simple gesture. It also indicates that you are very much interested in the job.

You may well increase your chances of obtaining the job by sending this note as it will impress your potential employer. A little note can make a big difference. A thank you note is a simple gesture that people often forget to perform. It may well also show that you really need the job.

If after the interview you find that you do not want the job, you can write a thank you note indicating this respectfully. Interviewers often think less of those candidates who neglect to send thank you notes. The note can be a simple handwritten one or a typed business letter. Studies have shown that either is acceptable. The most important thing is to send the letter. Write your letter so that it is tailored to the relationship that you had established with the interviewer during the interview.

If your rapport dictates a personal touch then you should send a handwritten thank you note. If you are interviewed by several people in a panel then it is important to send a thank you note to each one. Write one thank you note and send copies of it to each individual. This is the best approach, as it will save you having to think of something different to say in each note.

Sending an emailed thank you note depends on the company?s culture. If employees of the company frequently using emails as normal communication, then sending an emailed thank you note is appropriate. Personally delivering a thank you note to the interviewer will certainly make a great impression. If you want to make an even better impression, personalize it.

Before you send a thank you note check that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Spelling mistakes may irritate the interviewer and even if your interview was good, a poorly written note will definitely reduce your chances. A thank you note can also demonstrate your writing skills, so take care with it. Ask someone to proof read your letter before you send it. By doing this, you can correct any mistakes that you may have made.
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