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3 Ways For Growing Your Public Speaking Income

Jul 22, 2008
Although there are many reasons to enjoy public speaking the number one reason is you are always able to benefit from multiple streams of income. I pre-sell my products beforehand to be delivered during speaking engagements. Not only your time, but also your materials for back of the room sales should be taken into account when setting your speaking fee. As you learn how to make money with a motivational speaking career you will have to learn how to become good at marketing. What you need to do is this: don't think like a speaker anymore. Think like a marketer!

As a motivational speaking marketer, I want you to start thinking out of the box and start looking at your speaking engagements as an opportunity for your store to be open. What can you sell besides yourself and your time as a speaker? Can you write a book or get a book written about a topic in your niche that sells? What will it take to record some audios or videos of your public speaking jobs and package them for sale? Get all your marketing materials ready so you can focus on three easy ways to expand your income in public speaking.

The first area of income expansion is in your speaking fee. Here's one of many public speaking tips you'll get from me ? Don?t be afraid to ask for the big money. People often ask me how to get bookings for motivational speaking. What they really want to know is how to make money with motivational speaking because they're not making any. They are working for a low fee or even for free. You must overcome the mental hurdle of asking for $10,000 versus $5,000 a gig! When I did just that, I found that I was the only one stopping me from professional speaking success!

A second area to look at to expand your income lies within pre-selling your products. Books, CDs, DVDs, and training systems are all ways to market your knowledge. Speak to the meeting planner about getting copies of your books for every person in attendance without it costing the planner a penny. Simply add an extra $10 to the registration charge and have the meeting planner send it to you after the conference has ended. I was able to pre-sell my book to every single person attending - making an additional $10 per person plus my regular speaking fee.

Back of the room sales is the third step to expanding your income. It is necessary that you think like a motivational marketer not a motivational speaker. Boost your sales by making your audience crave more information than what you're sharing with them. You can do this by giving them nuggets from your book and or CD/DVD sets. Your sales will be super charged by making irresistible offers like: promoting your training system as "power packs" or discount pricing for today only.

Start working these extra avenues of income and watch your motivational speaking career take off!
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