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Make Article Marketing A Lucrative Business

Jul 22, 2008
If you want to dominate the field of article marketing and make a lasting mark online, you must follow these 5 ultimate methods that can help you excel in this field:

Learn from the experts. You surely want to follow the footprints of those people who already made a mark online. You can easily do this by reading their articles and identifying the elements that they have used in making their copies stand out from the rest.

Boost the number of your articles. To easily augment the number of your inbound links and to further strengthen your online presence, double or triple the number of your copies. You can do this by producing short articles, extending your writing hours, or if you have the money to spare, you can hire ghostwriters who can do the legwork for you.

Know your audience. There is no better way to serve your readers than knowing what they need. Get to know the people to whom you are writing your articles for so it will be a lot easier for you to identify the elements that you must and must not include in your content. Identify their age, gender, educational background or level of comprehension, pressing needs, questions, needs, and demands. By knowing all of these things, you will not only be able to sort out the information you will include in your article but you will also be able to identify and use the most appropriate tone that your readers will appreciate.

Widely distribute your articles. Submit your articles not only to article directories and article submission sites but also on related blogs, websites, and forums. You may also load them up on your RSS feeds or compile them together to create an ebook that you can use as your personal viral marketing tool.

Also, make sure that the keywords you use are highly relevant to your main topic otherwise you will be tagged as a keyword spammer by both search engines and publishers.

Make your articles interesting to read. Strive not to bore your readers by making your articles sound like you are just talking to your readers. Use conversational tone; be warm, friendly, and upbeat all throughout. Insert amazing trivia or use thought-provoking questions whenever you see fit.

Use keywords. Aside from your readers, you must also know how to please search engines so they will make your articles highly visible online. You can do this by sprinkling and strategically placing relevant keywords or keyphrases all throughout your content.
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