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SEO 101: Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Jul 22, 2008
For success on the web, you have to have a clear understanding of search engine optimization, or SEO, and how you can put it to work for your website. Search Engine Optimization is rather simple, and is one way to bring targeted and plentiful traffic to your website. This method does take time, but will definitely help you bring your website the traffic and success you want to see.

The first concept that must be understood is how search engines rank their pages. Pages are ranked according to their relevancy in relation to the specific keywords that are used when people search for information. The more backlinks, or links that a site has from similar sites that lead back to it, the better the site will rank. Additionally, the more relevant and useful the information on the site is, the higher it will rank for those specific keywords. The power behind SEO is in making sure your articles include the right amount of appropriate keyword usage and carefully crafted tag boxes and letting the readers do the rest, plain and simple.

When web-surfers search the Internet, they are not usually interested in those pages whose rank number is in the hundreds. In reality, they are probably not even going to make it past the first few pages, leaving those other sites in the dust. The idea behind SEO is that through search engine optimization, you can move your site up the ranks with fresh, keyword-filled content that will attract the targeted traffic pouring out of search engines. This is so powerful for your the success of your site because, in turn, the more traffic you generate, the higher you will be ranked in the listings.

Secondly, keywords that are used frequently are going to have a lot of competition. Due to the enormous number of websites on the Internet, searching bland keywords and keyword phrases, like wine or red wine, will invariably result in hundreds of thousands of results. When you are targeting your site for a keyword, you must choose a path of least resistance- something that is specific enough to encompass your article but not too complicated to lose searches. The key here is determining which keywords are popular, but not highly competitive. This allows you to find the comfortable medium between keyword phrases that are over competitive and those that are not that profitable, allowing for maximum click-through.

Finally, you will want to begin by choosing keywords or keyword phrases that are easy for you to compete for. You will then want to build pages that are based around these keywords and that will receive traffic, but have less competition. As you produce these sites, you will want to begin building up pages that reach higher, more competitive keywords. Eventually, you will be building a ladder that allows you to exchange links with relevant sites and then use their keywords as an anchor in your sites. Simple, yet effective, SEO is the best technique to generate organic search engine traffic and money in your pocket.
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