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Work From Home - Are You Commited Work From Home?

Jul 22, 2008
Do you have a career in mind that you think you would absolutely love. How committed are you to going down this path and working in a job that really fulfills you. Commitment plays a massive part in deciding how successful we are at creating a career for ourselves that we absolutley love. If we are in our choosen careers half heartedly then are results are going to be pretty much the same. As soon as we get clear about what we want from our careers, and we decide that is the path were taking no matter how long or how hard it is, I can almost guarantee that you will get there.

By there Actions you will know them. So how can you tell how committed you are or how committed anybody else is for that matter. ACTIONS. You can tell all this by what you manage to carve out time to complete. Lets just look at a quick example here. A couple of years ago I was speaking with a close friend who felt like the love had left his 5 year relationship. He thought him and is wife had nothing in common anymore, that they had seperated emotionally and that it almost felt uncomfortable to be around each other. If this sounds like you, or something you may have experienced I want you to listen to this.

I asked my friend what he was doing that night. He replied going to the pub, I then asked him what he did the night before and he explained he had sat in and watched the soccer. So let me get this straight, the relationship that was causing him so much heart ache meant that much to him that he spent his nights in complete seperation from the woman he was in the relationship with. He had time to watch TV, go out with freinds, but no time to take out his wife, treat her, make a meal, plan a weekend away. Does this sound like the sort of person who even wants a healthy relationship. I dont think so.

Moving this back on to your career and even business I would only like to say one thing; If your career really matters to you, if it is really important then your actions on a daily basis would manifest that fact. Making time. I hate the saying I would really like to do ABC, but I just dont have the time. For me that is the number 1 procrastination. Time is the only thing in life which is equal. We all have the same amount of time no matter where you live in the world. It is what we decide to do with that time that really defines who we are as human beings.

So if you want time to work on your career developement, set a goal. Sit down decide what the first step is and then act. The steps maybe difficult and may even take time, but you will not get from a to b without them and delay is not going to get you there any sooner. If something is worth having in life start today, do not put this off until tomorrow.

Remember in life we all get our MUSTS and never really follow through on our shoulds. If you have a career goal make it a MUST. I am sure you already have MUSTS in life now and there the things you accomplish on a daily basis. My wife watches her favourite soap opera everyday without fail, even though I happen to think this is a complete waste of time, she finds time everyday to do it. She makes watching that soap opera a must, therefore she always follows through.

You may say yes but watching TV is easy and easy to follow through on and I can not do anything else but agree with you, but remember in life the easy things are normally not worth wasting our time with where as the more difficult, self challenging aspects of life normally deliver long term fulfillment. How do I commit I want to make this section as straight forward as possible as complexity usually leads us to defeat,

1 Research careers that you may think are fulfilling, research them until you know exactly what the career involves. 2 Once you have choosen, write down a massive to do list, listing the steps you will need to take to get there. 3 Before you make a commitment to act you need to decide that the career will assist you in the deeper meaning of your life. For instance if you really want to help needy people it will be no good becoming an investment banker. Ask yourself can you do this kind of work everyday. 4 Make a list of all the benefits this new career will bring into your life, money, freedom fulfilment. Really focus in on them and imagine you are living with your goal completed. Then think of all the pain you may experince by not following through, being stuck in a dead end job, knowing youll have to wake up every morning hating the fact you have to go into the office, again make these feelings real. 5 ACT Now is the time to act and begin on your path to what you really want in life. Do not let anything deter you, dont let anyone tell you your goals are out of reach. Have faith in yourself and your ability. Constantly reinforce why you are on the path and stay motivated.
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