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How to Design Custom T Shirts

Jul 22, 2008
Custom T shirts are fun to buy and easy to design, given the right software. A shirt can be set up for printing with very little advance planning. On the other hand, some people prefer to take their time and really make the design their own. In either case, there are a few steps to designing a custom shirt.

First, one should choose a company that provides custom T shirts printing. It helps to ask a lot of questions. If it is an online t shirt company, one may read all the information on the website. Two things to look for are: how many custom T shirts constitute their minimum order, and how easy are their design tools to use. To get an idea of the ease of design, it is usually possible to try out designs before committing to them.

Second, it is necessary to choose a shirt. Most, if not all, custom T shirts design stores have a variety of T shirts to choose. One needs to select the color, size, and style of the basic T shirt. This should take little time, but it is important.

Third, one can usually look through a selection of stock images for possible use on the shirt. There may be patriotic, romantic, hobby, or sports designs to choose. If these seem acceptable, it is good if the design tool allows the user to try the design on the mock-up of the T shirt. Then it is easier to have an idea if one wants to have custom T shirts made up with that design.

Fourth, if no acceptable designs are found, users can upload images of their own making or choosing from their own files. If the T shirt company does not offer this option, it might be time to look for another company. There should be easy to understand instructions about how to upload images to the design tool.

Fifth, once the design is in place the words can be added. There are several choices to make. Aside from deciding what actual words will be put on the custom T shirts, there are the matters of formatting and font. A good design tool will allow the user to try out different placements and fonts on the t shirt image.

Finally, after completing the image and the text, the design for the shirt is complete. All that is left is to order the shirts and wait for the shipment to arrive. Designing custom T shirts is worth the effort when the results come back just the way they were envisioned. Online shopping is a good way to get the shirt you want.
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Ron Subs works with Sonic Shack as a public relations consultant, more information about custom T shirts can be found at http://www.sonicshack.com
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