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Job Interview Concerns

Jul 22, 2008
Most job seekers find interviews challenging. There is big fear factor: a candidate is nervous at the beginning of an interview and this can result in an unfavourable outcome. Successfully completing a job interview requires good preparation and good sense. The job interview is the key aspect from which companies judge candidates and ensure that the company has the best talent. During an interview, an employer will be wanting to know details about your past, present and future. If you attend an interview without any strategy or preparation, then you will ruin your chances and it will affect your impression and overall career.

Remember one important thing: that when you are preparing for the job interview, the interviewer is also preparing for it. The interviewer will plan to ask questions that will test you every moment of the interview. The interviewer will try to trick you with diverse types of questions and you must prepare yourself for these. Prepare your answers well. Formulate your answers based on the facts and your qualifications. The entire outcome of the interview depends upon how you answer the questions and how cleverly you justify yourself.

Be always ready to state why you are wanting this particular job and why you want this particular job with this particular organization. Questions such as: ?What are your accomplishments??, ?What are your skills, according to your previous supervisors??, ?What you expect from this particular job?? etc could be asked in an interview. You must answer the questions honestly and in detail. Identify some examples by which you can describe your answers. Have in hand a detailed study of examples ready to assist you. Being successful in a job interview requires some skill, including the ability to establish a positive rapport with your interviewer, as there is an essence of truth in the saying that we like the one with whom we like to talk.

Always prepare all your material, files and other things well in advance of facing the interviewer. Be sure that you have at least two copies of your updated resume or CV and supply two to three references which will positively contribute to your overall impression. A job interview is not a mere conversation: in an interview you share, present and discover a number of things that are related to both you and the job you are longing for. So it is essential that you are primed with all the information, necessary data and work samples, which will be beneficial to you in justifying your answers.

Collect and remember the issues relevant to the company. Prepare a few questions to ask regarding the company?s role and other related topics. Search for the company?s trade figures and research company policies. You can ask about any doubts if you have any in mind. Asking for clarification of doubts is a good sign, as it shows that you are really keen about this job.

It is equally important to be dressed well. Making a good first impression is half the battle won. Dress properly and be at ease. Speak clearly and honestly and be confident and alert. Ensure that you have a positive mind set and show that you have energy and enthusiasm.
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