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Learn how to Protect your Privacy with a Proxy Website

Jul 22, 2008
Are you worried about privacy while you're surfing online? If you are then you're not alone. Did you know that every website you visit stores various pieces of information about you. The data that is collected varies, but typically the most common collected is:

- IP Addresses
- Geographical Location
- Duration of Visit
- Pages Visited
- Activity on Website

This is just a small list from the many different pieces of data that is collected about you. It's not just the website you visit, it's also your ISP that poses a problem. ISPs keep track of logs on their users Internet activity. What exactly is stored, how long it is kept, and what is done with it, varies from ISP to ISP. One thing is for sure though; your privacy is compromised.

So what can we do about this you may ask? Well there are some very simple steps you can take to protect your self from snoops while you're online. The best thing about what I about to discuss is that it is completely free of charge.

One of the best ways to protect your self is to use a free proxy website. A proxy webiste acts as a middle man between your computer and the Internet. It handles all data requests on your behalf, allowing you to shield your identity to the websites you visit.

This means that when you visit a website it collects the details of the proxy website and not your computer. You details are kept completely shielded from the websites, allowing you to retain anonymity. Because the proxy is acting as a middle man, nothing about your identity or location is passed onto the websites you are visiting.

So this allows protection on all fronts. As far as your ISP is concerned, you are visiting the proxy server and as far as the websites are concerned the proxy is visiting them!

Proxies have been around for years and years now. As long you have technology that compromises privacy, you will always have technology that can be used to benefit it. The degree of privacy that a proxy service provides vary; some provide an encrypted tunnel, for example.

An encrypted tunnel gives you an extra layer of privacy while you are surfing. Because of the encrpytion, all data passed between your computer and the proxy is not visisble to individuals that may be able to intercept it.

This is particularly useful if you are using online banking and want to execute your affairs in a 100% private environment. Usually, if you want to take advantage of proxy website that offers encryption, you will have to pay for it! I have not come across one that is 100% free.

Proxy websites can be setup for free on the Internet. There are various websites that offer free PHP scripts with which you can then integrate into your website. There is usually an upgrade version, however, which requires a fee to be paid in return for another script with greater functionality.

Remember, don't think - ACT
Start protecting your privacy today. The simple steps outlined below should help you take the basic steps forward.

1) Open a New Internet Explorer Window
2) Click on the URL address bar and go to google.com
3) Find a proxy of your liking
4) Locate the address bar on the proxy website. (This should be easy to find)
5) Type in the address of the website that you want to visit.

You are now browsing via an Internet proxy website. This is a good first step to protect your privacy whilst online!

There are absolutely hundreds of free proxy websites on the Internet that you use. The key is to finding the right one to use.
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Wayne Cutforth owns a Proxy Website.He is currently building up a portfolio of websites and loves to help other increase their privacy whilst online! His website is often called a "secret proxy".
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