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Having A Marketing Strategy

Aug 17, 2007
One of the more important items of a business is the plan - the framework and guiding milestones you plan to reach by such and such a date, as well as the financing behind such an endeavor. Marketing is the main way that you will find new customers, and it is also your face to the world. For these reasons, it is very important to the overall success of your business.

1. Marketing

It might sound silly, but its good to get the core of your marketing plan written down, just so people can see what the rest of your plan is aiming at. Keeping your strategy in mind can also be good when you receive offers to place ads here, there and everywhere, you can ask yourself whether it really fits in with your overall strategy. There are many different places to market your business including both offline and online opportunities. Online marketing options include:

-Buying banner space on a website
-Buying a link on a website
-Pay per click advertising
-Pay per impression advertising
-Natural search engine optimization
-Write press releases about your business
-Write articles about your business

In order to market successfully online, your business will need an online presence. Don't get scared off! Putting up your own website is not as difficult as you might think. There are many companies who will build a site for you for a reasonable cost if you're not technical, or don't have any interest in learning html. But the extra business that will come from having an online presence will be more than worth it.

2. Know The Competition

The biggest thorn in the side of a small business is the much bigger competition. No matter how successful you might think you are, a relentless competitor can quickly turn the tide against you. Keep a list of everyone you consider to be a competitor and follow with a plan to differentiate yourself from them. This could be through advertising or your company logo, or from the method that you deliver your goods or services.

3. Prices

If you like, you can include in the marketing plan a list of all the price policies that you plan on having over the next year. Promotions should be well played in advance. Having something up your sleeve in case of serious competition is also a good idea. If your competitor is about to announce something, make sure you have something to announce at the same time also - you don't want your competitor to be able to have the headlines all to themselves.
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