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Job Interview Questions and Answers

Jul 22, 2008
You are called for a face to face job interview after all the hard work of sending eye-catching cover letters and resumes finally paid off. You now have to work hard and prepare yourself extremely thoroughly if you are to walk out of the interview smiling.

There are dozens of other highly qualified applicants wanting the job, so you are going to have to prove yourself superior to them. The only thing that will be of assistance is to practice giving answers to certain questions as this will improve your "selling" skills as regards your unique qualities.

* Tell me about yourself. This is a typical opening question in an interview and your answer should be brief and to the point. You will have to consider four important topics: early years, education, work history and recent career experience.

* Why did you leave the last job? Always give a positive answer to this question and under no circumstances discuss any major problem you may have had with the previous company. Never speak negatively about the supervisors, co-workers or the company as it shows your lack of adaptability. Talk about positive aspects such as that you chose to leave for fast growth.

* Do you consider yourself to be a successful person? You should always say yes and give a brief supporting statement. One excellent explanation would be that you have set goals that you are trying hard to achieve.

* What do your colleagues think about you? Be prepared with a quote or two from your previous colleagues to the effect that they consider you to be a hard worker dedicated to the job. Remember to include the names of these people.

* What do you know about our organization? This relates to how much you know about the organization and your desire to work there. Find out all the things related to company from its beginnings to any recent projects or recent news about the company, its services, products, and/or branches across the world.

* Have you applied somewhere else? Be honest but don?t waste valuable time in answering this: be focused on your goal.

* What attracted you towards our organization? Such questions can play a very significant role in your selection but only if you give the right answers. These will be totally dependent upon your research for example, what are the growth areas of the organization - research and development, finance, or management, so you should provide an answer related to the company requirement.

* What exceptional things you can do for us that another candidate cannot? You can answer this question by discussing your previous achievements and previous records of successful and timely completion of various projects. Mention your abilities and interests as you listed them in your resume and make yourself appear a valuable commodity to the interviewer.

* What kind of salary you are expecting? This can be a problematic question if you fail to answer it with care. Try to avoid a direct answer, instead asking your interviewer a clarifying question such as, "Can you give me the salary range for this position?
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