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Jul 22, 2008
In many instances it is the case that regardless of how meticulously an applicant practices the answers to job interview questions they will still find it very hard to find the job they are wishing for. This applicant will be worried because they end up in a job they don?t want and are not happy performing. An applicant may have the mandatory skills and the necessary qualifications but they still fail to get the job. Such applicants may prepare for years but their fortune is decided in just few minutes. The reason for this failure is that the applicant is unable to influence the interviewer and persuade them to realize that they are the perfect person for the position. Do not forget that an interview is merely a way to ?sell? yourself and your abilities. You should therefore thorough prepare for the myriad of questions that may be asked of you in an interview. Be careful to avoid giving ?rehearsed? answers.

Some of the more common job interview questions are:

"Tell us something about yourself." "What are ? your educational qualifications, your expectations regarding salary your work experiences etc. These questions are quite uncomplicated and easy to answer. But there are some complicated questions such as: "Were you asked to leave your previous job?" "How would you work with someone senior to you in age?" "What would you do if you have to write a report not in favor of a friend?" "Give an example where you had to be firm with a co-worker." "What would be your reaction should someone junior to you be promoted ahead of you?" "How would you contend with your boss if they are arrogant?" "How would you explain complex technical details to a non-technical audience?" "Describe an incident when you failed to deliver." "What would you do if you were asked by your employer to compromise your ethics?" "If you were offered a better position elsewhere, would you leave this job?" "Would you have any issues working with a group, all of whom were the opposite sex?" etc These job interview questions are designed to test the candidate?s determination and level-headedness.

There are various questions which are illegal. Decisions as to the suitability of a person based their birthplace, disability, race and religion and other aspects that discriminate are totally inappropriate. Some job interview questions are used to assess the candidate?s depth of understanding. Questions based on the candidate's educational qualifications, subject knowledge, ability to transfer theoretical knowledge into practical purpose, analytical abilities etc are asked. Sometimes a candidate is presented with some puzzles to solve. Questions related to the candidate's capacity to work well in a team environment are asked. Candidates may be asked to cite such incidents where they took initiative to lead a group. Questions on interpersonal skills may also be asked. A question such as "How do you cope with stress?" is attempting to find out more about a candidate's ability to manage a situation effectively.

Sometimes a candidate may be asked their opinion as to whether stress is good or bad for them personally. Whilst a candidate is faced with questions such as these, they must be open minded and speak from the heart.
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