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Used Furniture Helps Protect The Environment

Jul 22, 2008
When you look around your office, how much office furniture can you see? Chairs, tables, sofas, cubicles, conference tables, desks and bookshelves are some of the common pieces. Can you consider what would happen if half of all the office furniture was dumped into landfills?

It is vital that we reduce the amount of waste that our landfills absorb each year. It is estimated that over half of all scrap, including furniture, ends up in the dump and does not get recycled. Some people and companies are flat out lazy when it comes to doing the right thing.

The problem is that when most companies move, they opt to buy brand new furniture for their new office. It makes sense. After all, who would want to put old beat up furniture into a brand new office space.

You can re0upholster and replace missing parts. It's simple and inexpensive to restore used furniture to look like new. This can save precious growth dollars, and our economies resources.

Almost 15 years ago it cost $32 to dump each ton of scrap. These days, there are recycling companies who might actually pay you a few bucks for your scrap. Get a used dealer to look at your furniture, and you might get paid a pretty dime.

Some experts also believe that for every pound of natural resources utilized in refurbishing, almost five to zero pounds are conserved. In addition, for every workstation which is recycled, an average of around 850 pounds is being diverted from the landfills. Isn't it great to know that used furniture can be re-manufactured again?

There are many different types of used office furniture available in the market. Generally, when people imagine used office furniture, they think of hollow and scrap items. While those would surely fall into this group, refurbished and re-manufactured office furniture is quite different.

When furniture gets remanufactured, it looks and functions like brand new. There is also often a new warranty that comes along with it. The process is quite thorough and can involve new surfaces and new interior.

New office furniture can be very pricey. Used office furniture can make your head turn do to its low price comparatively. Once analyzed, you might realize that you never want to buy new again.

Starting up a company and furnishing a new office can be very pricey. Many people are shocked when they realize it will cost a small fortune. When opting for used, it can finally make that new office affordable.

There are many pros to consider when going for used furniture. Beyond saving a lot of money, you can actually do your part to reduce the effects of global warming. You can feel good about your choices in the business world.
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There are many workstaion dealers all over the country. Always look at your options. Some used furniture has never been sat in. Haste makes waste, so do your research. office furniture phoenix
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