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How to Improve Your AdSense Ads Click-Through Rates

Jul 22, 2008
Click-through rates, if increased, can mean greater income for you if you are a Google AdSense user. Improving your click-through rate will mean better revenue. There are several ways you can make this happen.

First, what's your current click-through rate? For this, divide the number of times you have click-throughs by your total number of views. Therefore, if you have a thousand impressions and someone clicks on your ad 10 times, the click-through rate is 1%. Make note of this statistic to compare it later.

Next, go to the website and see which keywords are used most often. You can find a free tool, which is available at seobook it will help you figure this out. This tool can also show you how these keywords rank in Google so that you know what ads will appear on the website based on keyword content. Google determines this. If you modify your content, you could garner ads that have more appeal for the audience, and this in turn might lead to higher click-through rate. Your keywords should appear at least once per 80 to 100 words.

In addition, you should pay attention to content. Your text should be high quality, and should be rich in keywords that are relevant. Your content is going to drive ad placement as well as traffic to the website, and both are needed if you want healthy click-through rates.

This is absolutely imperative, and can't be overstated. You need quality content and sufficient keyword density so that visitors will find your website through search engine listings. In addition, better keywords frequency means that you get a higher search engine rank with the search engines, which in turn generates more traffic. Visitors will come back to your site if you give them interesting and well-written material. If you must, hire a content writer that has experience with search engine optimization if your traffic or click-through rates are lower than desired.

Your ads positions affect what your click-through rates are going to be. Try placing ads near the top of the page and near the left edge of the page, which may result in more click-throughs. You may also add whitespace around your ads to help increase click-through rates.

Webmasters have often found that ads receive more click-throughs when they blend in with the surrounding content. AdSense can help you shape, size and color your ads so that they fit in with the overall theme and appearance of your website. They have tutorials on their website as to how you can make these improvements. Remove borders, change shapes, apply website color schemes to the ads, and so on to make them more appealing.

In addition, if you limit the number of actions a visitor can take on each page, this will also help. If you provide many links, these can provide many distractions for visitors. In turn, this may make visitors do something besides click the ads, which is exactly what you want them to do. Limit your content to a single item per page, plus a navigation bar and the ad itself. Visitors are much more likely to take the desired action of clicking through when they don't have too many options to begin with.

If you increase traffic, improve keywords and content, and pay attention to ad placement, you will increase your click-throughs.
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