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What Is Bum-Marketing?

Jul 23, 2008
Bum marketing, also called article marketing is a way to promote a website for free. This is done by submitting original articles to article directories. How exactly bum-marketing works and how you can use it to increase the number of your website visitors, will be explained in this article.


Getting targeted visitors to a website is the hardest part of internet marketing. There are numerous ways to generate traffic and each method needs to be used in a certain way. Bum marketing is a great way to get free targeted traffic to any website of your choice. This is done by submitting your own original articles to various article directories. But wait, there are certain things that you need to know about submitting articles:

1.) Find the right keywords first.

It is major important that you know what people are looking for, if there is no market for your topic then you will not make sales! Also make sure that your keywords have low competition, this way you will get more traffic from the search engines later on.

2.) Find the best affiliate programs or products that fit your keywords.

If you want to make money through bum marketing, then there are 3 ways to do this, you can sell your own products or services, you can sell products as an affiliate or you can make money through google adsense ads on your website. If you want you can even combine all 3 ways to make money.

3.) Write your article

You can not use private label rights articles, you need to write your very own original article to get listed in the article directories. You article should be between 400 and 800 words of length with a keyword density of 1.5% up to 3%. Your article needs to have a value to the reader, he or she must learn something from it. If you provide good content, then your article will be downloaded and published on other websites more likely.

4.) Create your "about the author box"

You do not have to write anything about yourself as a person in the "about the author box". You can create a unique box for each article! Make sure that your author box is related to your article content. You can write things like: "If you want more information on ... or read reviews about ... click here: ..."

5.) Check your article

It is important that you spell check your article so that it gets approved in the directories.

6.) Submit your article

You can use a semi-automated article submitter to submit your article to the article directories. Do not use a full automated submitter, you can get banned from many important websites by doing so! When submitting your articles to various directories make sure to change your title and the first 3 sentences once in a while.

7.) Saturate the market

You will not succeed in bum-marketing unless you submit a number of articles on a regular basis. A good number to start is one article a day, after a while you will be able to write 3 or more articles every day and submit them to 50 or more article directories.

As you can see this is quite a bit of work but the results will be great. Not only will you get visitors from your article signatures but also will you get better search engine rankings because of improving the number of backlinks to your website.

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