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Do You Need to be Tech Savvy to Have a Dedicated Server?

Jul 23, 2008
A dedicated server is a server that is solely for your website or business. No one else gets to share it! As opposed to shared hosting, a dedicated server is ideal for those who need a reliable, high performance, secure way to host your site. In short, a dedicated server is perfect for those who need that kind of power and who have the funds to pay for it.

The benefits of operating a dedicated server include:

* Improved website performance
* No need to purchase any equipment

A dedicated server is owned by the web host; you are essentially renting it. You can customize your server to suit your particular needs, but the host owns it. That means that if your business doesn't have the administrative know-how to tackle the variety of tasks you need performed, it doesn't matter. The host takes care of all that for you.

Do You Have Dedicated Server Experience?

As with just about everything else in business, some companies may have experience in managing dedicated servers and some may not. If your business has that kind of in-house know-how, you are well equipped to handle any necessary changes to your company's website. Depending on what kind of changes need to be made, in-house management may be an option. If, however, your site is high performance and requires a great deal of maintenance and manipulation, you may not have someone on staff who will have the necessary experience to handle this.

In some cases, however, no experience may be required at all. You may be able to opt for managed web hosting through your provider. In this case, they maintain and monitor your operating system and all dedicated servers and applications. You get everything you need without the experience needed to go along with it. Unmanaged dedicated hosting is a cheaper solution in most cases, but if you don't have the technical savvy to make that work, managed dedicated hosting is likely the best option.

Whether your business has the necessary experience to manage a dedicated server, be sure your business actually needs the server. If you are ready and able to take on the potentially hefty cost that comes along with using the host's equipment and you are confident that they can, and will, provide you with the necessary tech support when you need it, it could be a good choice if your website is powerful enough to require a server like that. If you have been shy about going this route because you feel you don't have the necessary experience to make it work, there's good news: Dedicated hosting can be the right decision whether you have the experience or not. There are ways to make it work even if you don't have any experience in the area.

In a world where a company's reputation can be defined by its website, the choice to use a dedicated server, either managed or unmanaged, can be an important one. But even if you don't have the experience you think you need to manage a dedicated server, you can still take advantage of this powerful business tool through the use of managed hosting.
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