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Are We in a Recession? Ecommerce is Thriving Even in a Slow Economy and You Can Join in the Fun!

Jul 23, 2008
Lately. we all tend to hear conversations around the water cooler at work, on televisions while pumping gas, or from shoppers at the grocery store that all talk about how we're currently in a recession. The slowing of our economy is very real and effects everything in our daily lives, but is it a little misleading to over-generalize and say that we're all in a recession and are doomed?

Well, when it comes to making a living and earning money, I think it depends on how you look at things. As unemployment rates continue to rise, gas prices soar into the stratosphere, and home values drop like crazy it's easy for us to be depressed about our countries' current state and feel like we're trapped. For the lucky rich of the nation, they are hardly bothered by all of this and have found new ways to continue making money that are actually thriving and growing year after year.

So, what's this resource that is largely untapped by the general population? Ecommerce! This secret recession killer isn't anything new, you've used it yourself, and know tons of people who've done the same. The Entrepreneurs and independent research firms of the country have tracked eCommerce results for numerous years now and have shown a huge increase in money being exchanged for tangible or information products on the Internet. Not only that, but sales over the Internet are expected to keep growing at stunning rates for years to come.

It makes sense why eCommerce is continuing to explode on our online world. Confidence in our malls and stores is lower because of the extra costs we incur at the gas pump and time it takes away from our busy lives. The world is a hectic place and most of us are tired of dealing with annoying sales messages or salespeople all vying for our attention. Nowadays, the consumer has more power and control than ever when researching a product and doesn't even have to leave home to do it.

This is why there's so many opportunities online. There are countless product sourcing websites out there to find things to sell on eBay or your own storefront and are quite easy to setup. In addition, you can find products that are made by other people and can sell them through what's known as affiliate links. Everyone has some form of information they're an expert on and, in that case, you can greatly benefit by writing your own eBook.

Don't think that just because talks of the recession are all over the news and pop up everywhere in our daily lives, that there aren't ways to become a part of the rich few who understand the online world of commerce. If you get out there and do some research, you too can join the club of entrepreneurs working for themselves. Once you do this, you may surprise yourself and look back at this recession and think, "Wow, not only did I make it through, but started making more money than I ever have!"
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