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Jul 23, 2008
When choosing an individual from a number of candidates, interviewers focus on many aspects from the individual's personal appearance to their clothing and demeanor. Personal appearance is not necessarily about beauty: hygiene and neatness are of the utmost importance. Employers are looking to employ those individuals who will present a good company image and you should be aware of this fact especially while you are attending the interview. Ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the occasion and that your hair is neatly styled. There are certain things that are essential for you to consider when preparing yourself for a job interview:

* Research the company: This is a vital task when preparing for a job interview. You may choose to search on the internet to explore the company. You should know these important things about the company: - Company history, products and its establishment - Company's growth, its size and branches across world or country - Current news about the company and any significant developments within the company - Whether the management team is global or national, company goal, its position in world rank and niche in market.

* Research the job for which you are applying: Analyze the job description, taking advantage of contacts you may have. The company website may be helpful here: - what exactly will you be expected to do and what will be your position in company - previous employees' comments regarding the job - any modification that has been made to this position

* Practice the possible questions about yourself: Think professionally and carefully study your resume. Make a comprehensive record of all information concerning your educational achievements and qualifications. You should practice answers to the commonly asked questions until you know them by heart.

* Be responsive: Continue to practice answering these questions aloud until you are confident in your delivery. Try to be specific when you are answering and provide supportive examples that will satisfy the interviewer. Be positive and honest in your answers but do not dwell on any past mistakes.

* Attire for interview: Be aware of what your choice of attire as your first impression is a lasting impression. Wear professional attire and ensure that you have a neat hairstyle. Avoid wearing strong perfume, heavy make up and too much jewelery. Try to look the part.

* Be ready with questions for the interviewer: In most of the interviews you will be given a chance to ask questions. You should prepare at least one question. Ask logical questions. Your choice of questions will reveal your inquisitive nature as well as your interest in the company.

* What NOT to ask in the interview: You should never overtly ask about the salary and benefits that come with the job. Should the employer show an interest in you, you will be given that information in due course.
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