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Questions Asked at Job Interviews

Jul 23, 2008
The interviewer will use the questions that are asked at the interview to assess your capacity for the job and to make the choice of candidate. Good preparation will enable you to answer these questions well, thereby increasing your chances of success at the interview. There are some difficult and unusual questions that can be confusing and are often hard to answer. As a result, you must prepare yourself with all necessary material, including making the most of your qualifications and any experience to back up your answers.

Questions are usually asked in increasing order of importance. The general scenario is that the initial questions are concerned with your qualifications and experience. Next are the questions about your aptitude, personality and thinking. Finally are the questions about the job and related work. Examples of questions which would generally be asked in any job interview are as follows. Practice your answers to these crucial questions.

The initial, more general questions are: "Tell me about yourself.", "What are your goals?", "What are your qualifications?" Answers to these first questions should always be informative and descriptive. You should be prepared to provide the relevant data and evidence to confirm your answers. Following on from these questions there are complicated questions such as: "What do you really want to do in life?", "What are the most important gains you expect in your profession?", "Why do you prefer this occupation?", "How would a previous supervisor describe you?" etc.

After these initial questions, the interviewer will proceed to next series of questions, which should indicate how relevant your skills are to the job. These questions assess your ability and expertise. These questions include: "Why should we employ you?", "What are you searching for in a job?", "What can you do for us that someone else cannot?", "What you have done to improve your knowledge in the last year?" Others may include "What makes you eligible for this job position?", "How do you verify or assess achievement?", "In what possible ways do you think you can make an input to or benefit our corporation?", "Do you possess management qualities?" etc. As these questions are very delicate, you must be on your guard when answering them. Take your time before answering the questions and under no circumstances should you change or contradict your own answers.

The interviewer will next ask questions that are related to the job and other issues. In this phase the interviewer is assessing your suitability for that particular job. The interviewer needs to understand if the applicant will be an asset or a disruption and how productive they will be. Some of the frequently asked questions in this phase are as follows: "Tell me about a time when you helped solved a dispute between other workplace members.", "Describe your management style.", "Tell me about a problem you had with your co-worker or a supervisor.", "What kind of person would you refuse to work with?" and "What do you look for in a job?".

It is vital that you prepare for these questions and knowing the answers is only part of this. You should be able to give examples to verify your points and your answers should always be precise and to the point.
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