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Surviving in the Internet Business World

Jul 23, 2008
Setting up a website to be your virtual shop on the internet comes easy with the available technologies today. Growing a small business online is otherwise. It still follows the rules of supply and demand of the real world, dealing with real people, and real money.

Competing with industry giants is very difficult. As a small business there are some things that we can do to pursue our goal of getting a chunk of the internet market:

Think like the Big Guns

Your website is your gateway to win potential clients. Striking their interest can convert mere window shoppers to buying clients. That is why having a website that is very professional can make or break your business. Professional websites entail meaningful content, user friendly navigation, and appealing lay out.

Develop your online presence by widening your network. This can be done by joining internet forums, starting a blog, supporting community projects, and establishing yourself as an expert on the field you are in. Do these online and offline and you will create fast recall whenever your name or product is mentioned anywhere. Like the big names, people will recommend you to friends if they are satisfied with your business or can remember your label in a snap.

When you sell goods or service online it is important to also be available to customers when they need help. Give them options where they can reach you. Design dedicated phones for support as well as email inboxes to dedicate to billing concerns, product support, and other inquiries. Make these services free to make them feel important and not burden them with costly long distance calls if they are from another state. Set up your automated phones like the multimillion companies' automated operators which can direct people to the correct department.

Believe in what you offer them. Do not think that you don't stand a chance to excel against the big names of the business. Any business has its weaknesses that you can exploit for your gains. As small business be competitive in all aspects and think like a big business.

Self Service Internet Site

Build your website around your market. Study how your clients think. Develop a lay-out, use graphics, and enhanced facilities according to their shopping habits.

As a small internet business you should not cut the connection between your consumers and hear what their opinions are so you can improve your business. You can also look at the business strategies of the big guns where they create products and services by anticipating the support that their clients will need. This way the self service concept will be properly injected to your website with the customers finding every process and information as easy as possible.

Develop products and services which will satisfy their needs and wants. With this, you can save a lot of money by having clients that can help themselves over the internet. Look at the client base of Google, Amazon, or eBay which hardly demand customer service because they find the services simple, fast, and satisfying.

The growth of the business may not be as exponential like the big internet guns but you must remember that the biggest room in the virtual market is improvement.
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