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Web Design That Keeps Users Online

Jul 23, 2008
The internet is a free venue that is open for anyone's creativity. It is a colorful world of expressions of persons, groups, or businesses. Like any other medium of expressions there are standards to web design that keep the users online.

There are several ways to tickle the imagination and curiosity of internet users and there are also ways to irritate their eye and patience causing them to leave a web site.

Color it Right

Colors attract attention. They can set the mood of the web site and help make money for your business. The right combination of colors enliven the website but too much of it can be irritating to the eye.

Users will be annoyed if the color is too loud. When this is the case, often readability is sacrificed. Potential clients may lose interest if they have a difficult time to access what they want.

Avoid colors that may contrast each other. You may consult the color wheel so the combinations will be cool to the users' eye. Think of a color scheme for your web design which may represent yourself or your company.

Save Them Some Clicks

Experts advise that a maximum of three clicks must give the user the information that he needs. Some websites tend to divert their traffic somewhere else before giving a visitor the needed product or service. This gets annoying for users who are in a hurry to do a transaction online. If users assume that they can't find what they are looking for in a website, they just leave. It is unfair for a web design to waste their valuable time and effort.

Say No to Too Much Graphics

Graphics may be the main content of a website. They provide much of the information needed without having to browse through tons of text. Graphics included in the lay out should serve a real purpose and just be for aesthetics.

Graphics included in the web design may affect how a web site loads. Too much of it can take a lot of time to load. This will mean slower process turn around if you have a business website. Information cannot be accessible in optimal time to keep the interest of the users.

Lead the Way

The web design of a site must take the users as their number one consideration. If they can't find their way through the pages of the site, most likely they will leave. Keep everything as simple as possible. Utilize buttons which can bring the users to where they want to go.

Use Fonts that Work

Fonts will convey the message or purpose of the website to the users. Use common fonts which will not encounter display problems from the end of potential web site visitors. Complicated fonts may affect the readability and usability of a website.

A lot of web designers stick with the common fonts like Arial, Verdana, Century Gothic, and the like. This guarantees smooth reading for the users. Keeping users online entails putting into consideration the purpose why users will need to browse thru the pages of your website. Simple designs and layouts still appeals to the taste of the users and this is the best option.
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