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Using Information Technology In Your Business

Aug 17, 2007
Almost every business in the world nowadays makes use of a computer system in one form or another. So, given that you are using a computer in your business, you might want to ask yourself if you are getting the most out of it.

1. Make A Database Of Products and Customers

Once your business grows to a certain size it doesn't make sense to keep track of everyone you do business with on paper. You will want to have a full database of customer names, contact details, addresses, and a record of their transactions with you. A number of cheap softwares are available that let you do just this, but it's also possible to make your own database using open-source technologies like PHP and MySQL. By having all of their names and addresses on file, it makes it super easy to print address labels and send them flyers or specials or anything else that you might have going on in your business. This allows you to increase the contact you have with your customer which will inevitably increase sales.

2. Graph Sales and Make Predictions

Once you have your data all sorted neatly, you can go a step further and get your computer to produce charts, graphs, and even predict what sales will be like in the months or years ahead. Using this data, you can track what marketing campaigns work and what didn't work so well. By analyzing what worked the best, you can easily repeat your success (and avoid your mistakes!).

3. Marketing Materials

You don't have to buy a top of the line graphic design package if you don't want to. Various pieces of software allow you to do just one thing, for example, create a business card design or a brochure. You will still have to pay for good card stock if you are making business cards, however. You can even design your own business card and have it printed at your local printing shop.

4. Sell Over The Internet

You can use computers to set up a website that has an online store. You can also open a merchant account to use as part of your home business over the phone or by post, by simply entering the card numbers and amounts into a website to process the payments.

5. Back Up Records

Sometimes, the importance of backing things up can only come from learning things the hard way. Regardless, if you are smart you will have some kind of system-restore software installed on your computer. Better yet, make a complete backup of your computer on an external hard drive.
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