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Jul 23, 2008
Having a website these days is as common as having a car. Most companies have one as do everyday people. Many people use website to showcase pictures of their hobby or family and send the web address to distant relatives. For those people you can find sites that offer a free domain (http://www.name.com) and hosting (space on a server) and even the pages are already built so it's just a case of uploading images and text, perfect!

Having a website is quite inexpensive if you use free tools to create one. Many domain name and web hosting companies offer sites builders free when you buy a domain and hosting from them. This is great news for the majority of people as building websites can be tricky and not everyone has the skills. Many people use word or publisher but have trouble publishing it to the domain, and when they do finally manage it the pages take for ever to download and some of the links don't work. Very frustrating! The best way to build a website is by either writing it in HTML or by using professional web building software such as Dreamweaver. But not everyone has these skills and even if you do manage to build a site you might still struggle getting it online.

You could dig deep into your pocket and find a web design company to build a site for you but this can be costly. If you're a new start up business you might no have the financial resource available, so this is when using a site builder is the best alternative. Most site builders are very easy to use; they have to be as they are targeting people without any programming knowledge. Most site builders come with hundreds of free templates you can find the right look and feel for you website. They also come with a library of images so you can find the right images needed to show case your company.

Some site builders allow you to create professional looking websites within minutes. They have wizards that take you through the whole process, from building your template to actually publishing online. As long as you get the site builder and domain registration and hosting from the same company you shouldn't have any trouble. If your still worried make sure the company has a valid phone number so if you get stuck there is customer support at the end of a phone.

Once you have your website live you now want to get it viewed. If your type your domain name into Google or any other search engine and it returns the following:

No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found.

Your search - http://www.name.com - did not match any documents.


* Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
* Try different keywords.

Try more general keywords

This means your website is not listed in the search engines index, meaning the search engine doesn't know it exists. For a search engine to list your site it has to know about it. This is where search engine submission comes into play. There are many companies offering to submit your site to the search engines for a fee. Some charge over the top for this and people are getting ripped off all the time. So either find a free search engine submission of submit it yourself.

So how to you submit a site to a search engine? Easy! All you have to do is put a hyperlink to your site on a site that is already indexed. Another way is to write an article (bit of free promotion going on here too) and at the bottom of the article create a link to your site. Publish the article to a few article directories (most are free) and the search engine spiders that crawl websites looking for new pages will soon pick up the hyperlink to your new site, go to your site and index all the pages it can find from there. Voila!
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