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The Four Tier Annihilation Method In-Depth Review

Jul 23, 2008
Before going on with the review on "The Four Tier Annihilation Method", let me say that by reading the sales letter on its website, some people would not be able to guess what kind of business that the authors are referring to. I was one of them too although there is already a few snapshots of the ever popular auction website posted on the webpage. Moreover, the authors (two authors to be exact) do not mention anything related to this auction website. But, if you are involved in online auction, you'll immediately have an idea of what the content of "The Four Tier Annihilation Method" is all about."The Four Tier Annihilation Method" is sold through ClickBank. So, you will get access to this product once your payment is successfully verified.Inside the download area of "The Four Tier Annihilation Method", you will find an ebook and 22 other videos. "The Four Tier Annihilation Method" ebook is in PDF format and it contains 145 pages full of contents.

The videos are meant to explain the strategies and tactics written in the ebook for better understanding. Some of the videos also have more advanced strategies than explained in the ebook. Having said that, the reader should also watch these videos even after they finish reading the ebook.

Back to the ebook, "The Four Tier Annihilation Method" contains 4 modules which are based on the four tier concept the authors, Saj P and Alex Goad, are trying to explain. I feel each chapter is divided equally long enough in terms of its depth in explaining the idea and also in terms of its complexity. This means if you are only interested in one idea, you can focus only one module and move on to another without missing any details. But, like the ebook suggests, it's better for you to read and apply the first module first before moving on to the next one.

In Module 1, you will learn how to sell physical products. It starts out by researching the products, outsourcing them and finally get them sold. If there is only one resource which is priceless to me, it should be the service that is available to supply you almost anything that you can imagine selling on the internet. With this Tier 1 method, it is possible to earn $100 or more a month.

Module 2 is one of my favorites as it explains how to monetize digital or infoproducts. There are a few profitable strategies that you can apply in this module and if it's done properly, you can get a profit of $1000 or more per month. Now, here is what I think is valuable for me from this chapter - a resource where you can dropship your digital product in the form of a CD or DVD to your customers for less than $2 a piece. I know that there are a lot of internet marketing gurus out there selling premium price for products on CD and DVD. With this resource, even you can now sell your infoproducts on CD or DVD without you have to handle all the grunt work of producing the discs.

The next Tier will be the one that can make you $10,000 or more per month. It deals with a more high-end products but the good news is that in all 4 tiers explained in the ebook, you can have lots of resources to start selling them.

Tier X is the advanced module in Module 3. This is a more involved module that might get you rich even by selling one product. The return might be in a 5 or 6 figure depending on what you sell. However, Tier X also has a different style of selling compared to the other tiers, and the authors suggest that this would be the last Tier to get involved once you learn the previous modules.

And before the end of "The Four Tier Annihilation Method" ebook, there is a section which teaches you how to also make great income through affiliate marketing. This is probably the module that lots of affiliate marketers would be happy to read. The idea is practical and it doesn't take a lot of capital to start. Among the topics in this module are "CPA Profits" and "List Building". What I like the most about this module is that the market is already there. You just have to bring the right product to offer.

In summary, "The Four Tier Annihilation Method" is definitely not a beginner's guide on how to set up an account on an auction site and start selling unwanted products just to get rid of the trash from your house. This product will teach you how to successfully build wealth one step at a time by following the different categories (tiers) taught by the authors.

I will give "The Four Tier Annihilation Method" 4 out of 5 stars if I were to grade it. In fact, I'm happy to see a product at the price of $77 that has an in-depth information such as "The Four Tier Annihilation Method".
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