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Energize Your Article Marketing Campaign

Jul 23, 2008
Are you currently using article marketing in promoting your products and website but can't seem to generate the kinds of benefits you were hoping for? Are you struggling to drive quality traffic to your website?

Consider your target market. You must know how to please your readers through your content so they will be compelled to check your other articles and your website through your resource box. This can easily be done by addressing their pressing issues on your articles and giving them answers to their burning questions.

Write more. People always say that article marketing is a game of numbers and I wouldn't argue with that. You see, the number of your back links largely depends on the number of articles you submit to publishing sites. That means, the more articles you produce, the more backlinks you will be able to obtain for your website that can help pull up your search engine ranking.

Produce more articles. You might already heard this before but let me tell you again; article marketing is a game of numbers. If you want to easily gain more inbound links for your website, you must be willing to multiply the number of your articles and submissions. Remember, the more inbound links you obtain, the higher your page ranking will become and the more traffic will be directed to your website.

Create a killer resource box. To increase your conversion rate, make sure that your resource box is strong and powerful enough to evoke action. It must contain your name, your expertise, a strong call to action, and an enticing elevator pitch. Keep it short but striking to convince more people to click on it.

Make your articles search engine-friendly. Learn the algorithms of various search engines so you will know how to please them. Use relevant keywords on your content particularly on your titles to make your articles highly searchable online.

Proofread and revise. Online users cannot be more critical these days as the internet offers them so many choices. Simple grammar and spelling errors can easily annoy them. Strive to make your articles as flawless as possible by manually proofreading them before you make them available online.

Make your articles search engine-friendly. You need to make your articles highly searchable online so your readers can easily find your content. This can easily be done by knowing the algorithms of various search engines and sprinkling generous amount of keywords all throughout your content.
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If you dont use article marketing you are loosing so many sales. Drive more traffic to your website using article marketing.
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