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The Right Equation When Hiring a Web Designer

Jul 23, 2008
Your website will be your presence in the virtual world. Whether you are an individual who wants to share your life with the world or if you own a corporation making millions through ecommerce, you want you web site to have that X factor to attract readers or consumers in the World Wide Web.

Your website is your gateway to success. Who will design your website is crucial to what it will become. The concept comes from you but you may need a professional web designer to help you with the works. He will coordinate with you and transform your ideas into color schemes, graphics, video or audio streams, great lay outs, payment options, and security that will convince your clients to stay on and purchase.
There are several checks when hiring a web designer:

* Copyright Issues - Some designers do not release copyrights for a design of a website. This means that they will possess all design concepts, files, and resources of the website. So in the future in case you need to do modifications, they will not be releasing these to another design company. You will end up paying for another service and redesigning of a functional website. Make sure that in the contract you will have the right to use your files and make modifications in infinitely.

* Domain Name - It is best to purchase your domain name prior to hiring a web designer. Some design companies purchase a domain for a client but registers as the contact person and owner of the domain name. This scenario takes you out of the picture as the owner of the domain name. In case of modifications that you want to execute, you will not be able to access the password and username since technically you do not own the name.

* Maintenance Issues- Verify with the web designer if your contract will lock you to a particular website format or platform and website maintenance agreement. Make sure that you have a way out in case you are faced with major price increase. Clarify if you can make changes to the website on your own using common programs like Adobe Contribute

* Credibility- Before signing any papers, check the background of the design company who will execute your plans. Ask for sample websites that they have designed or they are maintaining. You can also call some clients and check if they are satisfied with their service.

* Marketing Background- a great designer goes beyond the appearance of the web site. There are more important things than the flashy intros, elegant forms, and great graphics. The web company must also be able to bring traffic to you by optimizing your website so search engines will point to your direction when potential customers surf the net. They must contribute in converting visitors to buyers.

* Projection- investments must return and a design company can foresee this by applying the proper technology which will attract traffic and manage transactions that will take place in your virtual shops
Creating your website may cost a great deal of money. It is best to check the qualifications of the web designer who will turn your ideas into a great tool for profit making venture.
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Paul Eddison is a consultant for GeckoNewMedia who provide Website Design In Edinburgh and Scotland. Visit www.geckonewmedia.com to learn more.
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