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What is This Word SEO?

Jul 23, 2008
SEO stands for search engine optimization. These days your visit and navigation in the virtual world is highly dependent on the search engines. You search for your relevant topic from a Gucci bag to a 14th century artifact in the internet with the help of a search engine. Now how relevant was that search? Were you connected to reliable sources of information? Did you get what you were looking for? Is the information helpful? A search engine may give you hundreds of pages of results, but unless it is relevant, it's just browsing through a number of irrelevant web pages which in turn means wastage of time.

Search engine optimization controls the volume and the quality of traffic to a website so that it is beneficial for both the website and the user who is looking for the information. These days there are search engine optimizers who perform the optimization on behalf of their clients. In order to increase the relevance of a site, an optimizer generally considers the following:

How search algorithms work

What people search for

Keywords that people use

Indexing content by search robots, etc.

SEO and Marketing:

Search engine optimization can be effectively utilized to market your product or website. The higher up your site is ranked in the list of search engine results, the better are the chances of a user hitting it. Your website algorithm should be listed by the SEO such that on every search your site ranks in the top. However it is also important to understand that SEO does not necessarily guarantee second hits and repeat visits. The SEO may generate initial traffic and hence the advertisements, but since search engines are not paid for traffic that is organic, their algorithms change which in turn effects continued referral. Due to this lack of certainty, a website must not solely depend on search engines for marketing.

How to utilize SEO?

If you have a website and you want it to feature at the top of the search list, following simple tips could be helpful:

Ensure that the content has relevant primary and secondary keywords listed by the search engine optimizers.

However avoid using irrelevant keywords just so that your website ranks higher because search engines adjust their algorithms to avoid such manipulative approach.

SEO can target not just text search but also visuals, industry-specific, local search, etc. So proper image and video descriptions can be effectively utilized.

Effective SEO will require coding of the website during the design and development.

While utilizing the services of the SEO, remember to double-check the legal position of the SEO and whether the search engines are spamdexing any web content.

Utilizing search engine optimization in order to effectively market a website or a blog is a proven tactic these days. Most websites do that and it has almost always generated good organic traffic to the website. However as prospective entrepreneur in online business, do not rely completely on SEOs for your marketing - ensure a good mix of expert content, usability and relevant information in your website for success.
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