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What are Promotional Products and how they can help your business

Jul 23, 2008
Items such as Backpacks, Nametags and Lanyards, Corporate Clothing, Tote Bags, Event Giveaways or Novelty Gifts, are all examples of Promotional Products business? typically gives them away or on sell them at cost to assist in increasing there brand awareness in the public eye.

The idea is that companies need to gain name recognition somehow and promotional products are a easy and lasting way to expose your company's name to others and to help potential customers remember your business above your competitors.

Here is an example, I have a client who handed out Tote Bags at there annual conference of there?s, well we are now organizing the second year for them and they still have clients using there Tote Bags, not only does this help the individual to stay loyal to the service provider it also helps them to remember the business, now not only does the user of this item get to see the Promotional Product but everyone over the last year who has seen this Tote bag is now a potential customer, therefore increasing brand recognition. If you give out an Pen and that individual lets all there clients use it, every person that sees or uses that Pen is now a new potential customer for your business.

Essentially meaning that a Promotional Product doesn?t just appear once and then is forgotten similar to an advertisement in a magazine, what it means is that your business gets continual exposure for the life of the Promotional Product just from one item. So essentially the more Promotional Products you can give away to potential or current clients and or customers, the more you increase your business exposure within the community and the more you increase you client base.

Facts provided by the Australian Promotional Products Association (APPA) demonstrate the lasting impact that Promotional Products have:

Business travelers surveyed by APPA at a local airport showed that more than 70% of these travelers had received a Promotional Product of some kind within the last 12 months.

Out of those people over 30% actually had the promotional product - right there and then! These Promotional Products were actively being used or at lease carried the Promotional Product they had been given. The promotional product was used over and over again, not simply tossed to the side or thrown away.

Out of these People over 50% were still using the promotional product they were given for more than 12 Months. So this one item was able to help create brand recognition for the business that gave out the product for over 1 Year.

Of those travelers who had kept their promotional products for more than a year, almost 75% said that it was because they had found that their promotional products were actually useful to them.

The effectiveness of Promotional Products for you business is proven by the APPA findings. These demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing using Promotional Products for all company sizes from small businesses to international corporations, the facts prove people don't just forget about Promotional Products or throw them away at worst they are often given to someone else to use it there by achieving the same positive effect.

With such a significant percentage of Promotional Products being used for over a year, a promotional Backpack, Nametag and Lanyard, Corporate Clothing, Tote Bag, Event Giveaway or Novelty Gift, can be printed and distributed to your customers at prices that can suit any budget. This marketing strategy that has been proven to assist you to get your company name remembered over and over again at a very small price.
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About the Author: Bree C Robbins is the owner of Promo Products With Bree this company specializes in high quality Promotional Products servicing clients needs Australia Wide
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