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How To Market Your Book Online

Jul 23, 2008
Whether you are a writer or a seller of books if you want to make a profit, you can still go online and do it. However, you need to be smart, prepared, and do a lot of research about the market that exists for books.

It is good to get a lot of feedback from different sources so that you know exactly what is acceptable or is currently a favorite among folks. There are bestseller lists that can be referred to, as to what kind of topics to choose from. Remember, what you may want to write on may not necessarily be what people want to read. So check these bestseller lists, and then decide on your topic. Haste makes waste, so be focused and unleash your talent only after you are convinced about the sale of your book.

There are many ways to find out the online interest in a subject, besides going to websites like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Read feedback columns and discussion corners, to find out the views and opinions that people hold. By putting your book online does not mean that your book will sell, but it broadens your horizon of getting an apt audience. Identify a catchy book title as most items found on Google and on the Internet are found faster through keywords. A good title is very important.

If you have the finances, then get yourself a publisher who will work out the sales pitch and also the advertising techniques, in a very professional and prompt manner. At least that saves you the trouble of breaking your head (especially after the trouble you took writing it, you need the peace). Hire services that could be of assistance to the sale of your book and that will not affect it in a negative manner. If you have decided to sell books within a special category or general category, then combine two editions, and offer a 30% discount. This becomes feasible and would attract potential customers. Most people who can save a buck or two, look for good buying options. Make it possible for them to decide and buy your book / books without hesitation. It is when they hesitate, that your sales are affected.

Also, make the first few chapters available on your website, for people to read and refer to. This creates in them an interest to read further, and makes them want to have that book at any cost. These are tricks to enable you to sell more of your books online. Have a strategy, plan it well, garner all the help you need, and you will make it big!
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