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Jul 23, 2008
I remember when I went to my first home party several years ago. Watching the rep demonstrate her products really impressed me and all I could think to myself was "I could never stand up in front of people and do that". Years later I did take the leap! I joined a company that had products that I used and believed in. I would like to share some tips with you to get started. This is not an article about how to book parties and recruit. Those are tips that you will pick up as you go through your training and network with others in your business. What I do hope to show you is how to choose the right company and overcome any initial reservations you have about going into business for yourself.

First, do you have a specific company in mind? While it is important to join a company that pays a decent commission you want to make sure that you are passionate about the products. Think about the things that you enjoy such as cooking, home decorating or maybe beauty products. For me my passion is home decorating. I went to many home parties and enjoyed the decorating tips and presentations. Think about what you enjoy and most likely you will find a direct sales company in that niche. You will find direct sales companies that offer anything from home decor to gourmet food to jewelry, etc. There are many work at home sites that are geared toward women Just type in "wahm" in any search engine you will find listings of several great work at home sites with information on a variety of companies.

After choosing your niche then it is time to narrow down a company to choose. If you were to choose something like jewelry you will most likely find several companies that specialize in that niche. So how do you decide? There are many advantages to being one of the first reps with a new company but on the other hand you might feel more secure joining an established company. If you want to join an established company visit dsa.org and check to see if the company that you are thinking about is listed with the direct selling association.

Did you find a company or a few companies to compare? Go ahead and request information but let the potential sponsor know that you are looking at different companies. Ask up front about start up costs. We have all heard that if anyone asks you for money up front then it must be a scam right? Well this isn't necessarily true. While there are scams out there that you need to be aware of, you also need to realize that in direct sales you are working for yourself and there will be costs involved in running your own business. These costs could include the initial cost of your kit, catalogs, supplies, postage etc. Some companies offer a higher commission but the cost of supplies may also be higher.

You also want to find a sponsor that you will feel comfortable working with. It is okay to talk to different reps within one company to find someone that you click with. It doesn't necessarily have to be the rep with the most experience. What is important is to find someone who knows the policies of the company and is enthusiastic about helping you. Ask her what kind of training she provides and about various online groups that you can join for support.

With some companies you are allowed to join under anyone you please while others prefer you join with someone local. The advantages of working with someone locally is that you can train with her in person by tagging along to some of her shows. On the other hand you may find that you really click with someone that you met from another state. Either way you will want to see if there is local training in your area. If not you should be able to learn what you need through the training materials in your kit as well as through your sponsor.

Now that you have picked your company, become familiar with your products, booked some parties (usually friends and family at first) you are ready to go! While you may be nervous keep this in mind: The more that you know about and believe in your product the easier it is to talk about it. Practice your demonstration at home in front of your spouse or even in front of a mirror if you need to. If you are worried that you are going to forget something then go ahead and write down notes on index cards. And what if you fumble over a few words during your first show? Don't worry about it! Ask anyone in the business and she will tell you that it happens to even the most experienced reps. Just laugh it off and go on and have a great time!
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