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Jul 23, 2008
Why seek business opportunities in China? There are a number of reasons why people should stop and take notice. Based on records that are available the Peoples Republic of China is considered as the second largest economy in the world after the United State.

The estimated gross domestic product of China amounted to $7 trillion if this is measured by using the purchasing power parity. Now being the second largest economy in the world may have its pros and cons, but certainly the number of pros far outweighs the cons.

If the economy of China is so huge then one thing that can be deduced from it is the fact that a number of opportunities can be taken here. And the only way to get it is to know where it is and in what industry or sector. Now the country is blessed with rich natural resources and a number of industries are seen in the country right now that help it grow in leaps and bounds.

But the two most important sector of the economy is agriculture and industry. These two are the traditional source of income and employment for the majority of the Chinese population. These two sectors of the economy employ more than 70 percent of the labor force of the country. The income that was sourced from these two sectors accounted to more than sixty percent of the country's GDP. These two sectors differ in many ways and are often seen as the ones that push the dichotomy between the rich and the poor. Even though it may happen, the participation of these two sectors have succeeded in employing majority of the people in the country and helped other people from other countries gain employment as well.

Aside from these two booming sectors, the steps taken by the government and its future plans help ensure that the business climate in the country will be suited to those who are seeking employment and to those who may want to do business in China. Business opportunity did come in many forms when these government initiatives were put in place. One of the major steps done that made the country competitive and friendly to business entities is when the country was opened up in 1979. The moment the opening up of the economy was made official; the economy of the country has grown to record levels and has become steady ever since. To facilitate growth in the country and to encourage more business opportunities, the government adopted the five year strategy for economic development and the more recent 11th Five Year Plan.

Steps like these that are made by the government have enabled the country to be more competitive and in the process making a China trade one of the most sought after trade out there. It is expected that the economy of the country will still grow and will continue to be the biggest in Asia. So for the businessman on the look-out for opportunities, certainly a China investment is part of the plan. Doing trade with a large economy like this country has its many benefits for sure.
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