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How to do Business in Singapore

Jul 23, 2008
Mention Singapore and a number of positive descriptions surface. That's because the city-state has made a reputation in itself as a prosperous nation. Based on records, it was noted that since the independence of Singapore from Federation of Malaysia, the government managed to improve the standard of living of its residents and made it safe. Also noted was the involvement of foreign direct investment as the one that fueled the prosperous state into what it is today. These are just some of the infrastructure that was created then that helped make what Singapore is now. For these reasons, the state has been highly rated and the state has been rated as the most business-friendly economy in the world.

So it is of no wonder that the state is the favorite destination of people who may want to do business and to make some significant investments. It may seem easy at first but truth to tell, there's more than what meets the eye of the green-horn businessman. For one, the state of Singapore is a very unique one and known for the strict Singapore law. The state may have a reputation for strictness, but remember as well that this strictness of the law and corrupt free government that are the factors that helped shaped Singapore now.

After you have taken care of the laws that governed the state, the next thing that every prospective business leaders should learn more about is about the Singapore business culture. It may be different if compared to the other countries and economies out there. Another factor that needs to be considered by the new businessman and entrepreneur in the area is the diversity of the state. The state is multi-cultural, with a mixture of the indigenous Malay population plus the Chinese majority as well. Aside from these tow, Indian and Arab immigrants are also present in the state. Adding to the numbers are the other nationalities coming from other countries. Simply put, Singapore is a mix of many nationalities and this can prove to be a factor when doing business in the state.

Now that you have taken cared of these things it's time to do some of the steps required by law in order to do business in Singapore. Of course the first step is to register the business to the authorities. Have the company name approved as well. It won't be approved if the name of the company already exists in the state. Names that may be offensive will not be approved. The owner of the new business is also required to register a branch office if necessary. Then what the owner can do is to submit an application for approval. The latest available data mentioned that the owner of the new company will have to shell out S$15 that is payable for each of the company name. The approved name will be then reserved for the owner of the business for sixty days from that exact date of application. The steps needed to do business in Singapore may be a bit complicated, but everyone knows that it pays in the end.
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