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Beat the Credit Crunch Working From Home

Jul 23, 2008
There are many reasons why you might want to be your own boss, working from home. Here are just a few:

* Monthly bills mounting up? Credit cards maxed out? Afraid to open the post?
* Savings or pension looking shaky - or non-existent?
* Want to work part-time, just the hours you choose, to suit other commitments, such as small children
* If you have only one source of income, where would you turn if you lost that?
* Need an extra income for more of the good things in life - holiday, better car
* Or you may even need more cash just to cover life's basic essentials!
* Could there be a big bill round the corner - car, house, wedding, college fees, illness?

Many companies will offer you a business that claims you can have these benefits, but how many offer them in an achievable package?

When choosing a home-business, it's important to look for one combining the benefits of a genuine product-based business with an exciting and achievable commission plan.

What Kind of Product Works Best?

First an most important, choose a product that everyone can "touch and feel" - this widens your market to include ordinary people who just want to buy a good product. Not everyone wants to run their own business, contrary to the myths you'll hear.

Be careful about the number of products you're offering. Too wide a range can confuse you and your clients. It's also expensive to have samples of more than one product to hand.

Simplest of all is just one product, but one that anyone, male or female, can benefit from. For instance an ant-aging product, as everyone wants to look younger. A single product means that running the business is simplicity itself. You don't have to carry a wide range of stock for people to ponder over, while deciding which to choose. If they want to see the physical product, just show them your own!

How to Choose the Company?

Choose a company that is dedicated to helping ordinary people make money. Too many companies have unattainable targets that only the high fliers will ever achieve. Choose one with a realist target.

Choose one with a pay plan designed so that you can quickly get into profit, without a high monthly regular commitment. Ideally, one where just ONE product purchase each month will qualify you to earn commissions.

It's best to select a repeatable product, so most purchasers will carry on buying month after month, on auto-ship. You don't want to have to look for new customers each month!

Choose one where all your admin is handled by head office. So you won't need to take clients' payments, hold stock, or deliver it.

Go for a company with a world-wide delivery availability. The Internet is a big community, so there's no need to restrict your customers to your street, or even your town. Which of course doesn't stop you telling your personal contacts about the product wherever they are, and if you have business contacts in other areas, you can even contact them to invite them open up their own local "branch" of your new business.

As an independent business person, you have a choice of how to sell your products. If you want to drop leaflets, cold-call, or repeatedly pester your family and friends - go ahead!! But if you'd rather run your business entirely on-line, from the comfort of your own home, at times to suit you, choose a business, or team, designed with exactly this in mind, and with all the marketing tools to simplify this for you.

Not very skilled on the Internet yet? No problem - make sure your team runs comprehensive online and telephone training sessions, with a website full of information, ideas, and videos to show you exactly how to implement them.

You'll benefit from a training system designed so that even newcomers to Internet Marketing and networking are supported and helped to build their business. In fact if you are interested in promoting any business online, you'll benefit from this kind of information. The training itself is worth the price of the product!

Compensation Plan

With most product-based businesses you can either buy as much as you want at distributor cost and sell this product at "recommended retail price" to make money that way, or build a networking business. As the monthly target is refreshingly achievable, at just one bottle per month, you only need one customer.

As a networking business, there are many different structures of compensation plan. My favorite is the very powerful compensation plan, with a 3 x 8 forced matrix, which makes it possible to earn over $1,600 per month without enrolling anyone,

Of course if everyone expected to make money without sales, there'd be no income! So matching and fast start bonuses are a good feature as they provide a fantastic sponsoring incentive.

Look for a business with lo start-up costs, and on where you qualify to start earning easily. For instance, an initial product purchase is just two bottles. Thereafter you need just to buy just one per month to maintain the qualification.

Choose a Team

It's your choice how you promote your business, but if you're not an expert, it's good to have both on-line and off-line support training.

While support on Internet Marketing, is important, look for a team that includes networkers who are very experienced in conventional network marketing. They should be willing to do 3-way calls on your behalf, and answer those tricky questions that sometimes catch you unawares when you're new to a business.

Choose to have in your upline people who have built large and successful teams in similar market-places.

Choose upliners who are supportive of the "little man". After all, a large team of happy people in profit by spending a small amount each month, is a more stable income than a group of high-fliers who could rush off to the next big launch at any moment.


In an ideal world your product(s) will be available worldwide from day one, and something that is in high demand. For instance, an anti-aging skin-care product suitable for both men and women. Even when times are tough this type of product is recession-proof because people always want to look their best. It's not everyone who can afford plastic surgery, but everyone can afford the monthly cost of this product.

Most women, and some men, already buy and use skin-care products each month, and if they do, on learning more about your product they may be happy to switch to using it.

Be careful of selling nutritional products because some countries restrict the sale of certain products. Choose a product that will not run up against country-specific supplement restrictions.

Choose products with natural ingredients, as that's a real buzz word at the moment.
Be sure that your prospects can read full details about your product(s) on the website, and ensure that it has been formulated by a top class team, to bring you and your clients a top quality, natural product, for years to come.


If you would like to work from home, full-time or part-time, and "be your own boss", you now how to choose a company that ticks all the right boxes, for company, product, achievable compensation plan, and good upline support.
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Joy Healey has worked in the home-business field for over ten years now and built up a successful business online. To learn more about working from home, visit:
How to Choose a Home Business.
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