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How to Get Listed in Google, Yahoo and MSN

Jul 23, 2008
How to get your website listed on Google

There are numerous ways to get your website listed on the great Google search engine. But...and there is always a big but, before continuing I've got to make one thing perfectly clear.

Do NOT pay any submission service to get your website or blog listed. Unless you have deep pockets and thousands of big bucks to throw away...then go ahead and waste your money. I guarantee that paying any submission service to get your website listed on google is a complete waste of time and money!

Free submission services are also a waste of time...don't do it. These submission services make their money from unsuspecting new Internet marketing folks who have no idea what they are doing.

Do it yourself and I will show you how right here...right now! And the price for this information is FREE!

What is your website or about?

Ok...here is how you get your website listed without all the hassles.

1. Write an article about whatever your website or blog is about. Then submit it to the article directories. Just make sure that you insert your website URL or Blog URL in the bio page of each directory. Be sure to add some of the same keywords that you use on your website.

2. The absolute best article directories are ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com Remember to add you bio in the resource box provided by all the article directories.

The resource or bio box is a short paragraph about the author that publishers usually want with each article submissions. It's included at the bottom of the published article. You should have your name, and web site address. You should also add your tagline and email address.

3. Remember I write articles about what I know. Do not copy someone Else's work...it's ok to read an article to get new ideas and write something similar that will interest your readers. Never copy anything word for word!
Ok...now if you don't believe me here is proof on how this works. Try Googling "Southwestern trees" you will see my gardening website listed on the first page and top billing. I actually have hundreds of webpages that are listed at the top of Google SERP's. I did this by writing articles about southwestern trees and submitting them to the articles directories.

Get your new website listed in weeks.
Ok...I know many of you are saying...what about a brand new website?

Before we continue I want to set the record straight about "Google's Sandbox Theory". IT is just that "theory". In my opinion there is no sandbox unless the google gods have cats as pets!

Lets continue... try googling "How to start a website". You will see my artricle that I submitted to ezinearticles.com around the first week of April. This is an ezinearticles.com article. If you click on the link it will take you to my article and my bio page that contains my website URL.

Go ahead do it right now I'll wait...

This will generate some traffic, and will also build links to your site which in turn helps your website page rank. My IM website is only about 6 months old and it already has a page rank of 2. I do almost zero promotion other than artricle marketing.

By the way page rank is a system for ranking web pages/sites/blogs/pdf files according to link popularity and text-matching. The higher your page rank the better your chances you will be listed on the first page of your chosen keywords.

I never submitted my marketing website to any search engine...they actually found it thru article marketing. However if you want to submit anyway just follow the instruction provided on the next paragraph.

Submitting to the search engines yourself

OK...as you know by now I hate submission services. The only submissions you should do can be done yourself. And in my opinion you should only submit to the top three search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN.

GOOGLE Traffic - Everyone knows or should know that the top search engine is Google. Did you know that once you have your website published or online google will eventually crawl it. This is done by way of your webhosting company. All webhosting websites are already indexed by google and if you have your website uploaded on their server Google will eventually find it and index it. However the best way to get your site notice is to submit it yourself. Add your website (http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl) it's is free. Remember it will take sometime before your website will appear for the "keywords" that you have on your content.

Yahoo Traffic - The next Search Engine is Yahoo they are somewhat harder to get listed but there is a way to do it free. It will take longer than google but again it is free. They also have a paid service which will guaranteed inclusion within 2-3 weeks, but the cost is around 300.00 bucks (I wouldn't Pay)! Please make sure to use the Suggesting a Site to the Directory link. Here is the link to submit free: (http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/directory/)

MSN Traffic - Now the thrid Search Engine is MSN. If you have good content on your website it should get indexed in about 3-4 weeks. By the way MSN and Live.com are one and the same. Here is the link (http://search.msn.com.sg/docs/submit.aspx?FORM=WSDD)

Do a little SEO yourself. Put your keywords in your page heading meta tags.

(meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" /)
(title>Your title (/title)
(meta name="Description" content="description of your website")
(meta name="KeyWords" content="your keywords shouldn't be more than eight")
(h1)Your heading(/h1)
The heading should be what your web page is about. Also sprinkle some of the same keywords (a little seo yourself) on your text. And more importanly use a variation of those same keywords (e.g. "Self SEO", How to do your own SEO" etc...)

Example: (h1)A little SEO yourself(/h1)

Put your keywords into the description tag:

Example: (meta name="Description" content="How to do SEO yourself")

Remember the description tag is what will be displayed on the search engines. So you will want something that will make the searcher click on your link.

ADD your keywords in on your alt tags but not all of them.

If you've got graphics on your page, considering writing a natural piece of unique, keyword rich text to apply to the alternative text (alt tag) on your image. Example: (img src="yourimage.jpg border="0" alt="a little seo yourself")

Put your keywords into the page name Example: www.yourwebsite.com/do-seo-yourself.htm Just don't over do it. Stay away from do-it-your-self-search-engine-optimizaion.htm

Got questions? You can always email me by visiting my bio resource page.
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