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Domain Name Gold: Finding the Hidden Gems

Jul 23, 2008
The Web address of your site, which generally follows with a 'www.', is known as domain name and as an instance we can mention www.amazon.com, which is a domain name of well repute.

So what goes into making a domain name a good one?

The web address of your site should, by no means, be a difficult one to write or remember. It is supposed to be an aid, not a barrier. Well, for a domain name, you can definitely consider your company's name but at the same time, you can have a bias towards a phrase that promotes your own identity and your offerings.

It is expected that you consider the opinion of others about your choices of domain name to familiarize yourself with the kind of domain names that your users might prefer.

While registering a domain name that your main company website will use, I will indicate certain things that you should avoid:

1. There is a possibility of forgetting your domain name while typing the name into the browser or e-mailing you if you use a hyphen. So, avoid hyphen to reduce future problems.

2. Try not to use digits in your domain name. For example, if it is 3.com, you have to inform everyone that it is '3' instead of 'three'.

Now, with regard to your domain name, I will show some positive things:

1. Register for commercial websites, that is, the ones which end with '.com'. This is not necessary, but it has been observed that people tend to forget websites ending with '.org' or '.net', and if they mistakenly send a confidential email to a wrong address, it might spell a recipe for disaster.

2. To just make it better than others, try keeping simple spellings.

3. 3 words or 20 characters should be its maximum length. So, make it as short as possible.

You should attach a lot of importance to the factors mentioned above, for the domain name of your primary company. You can consider '.net' sites, hyphens and numbers for the secondary sites, but refrain from using them for the primary company.

Well, as far as websites are concerned, '.com' extension is the most available one. So, I would suggest that use '.com' as part of your domain name. Finding good '.com' domains is difficult as most have been obtained.

It is important to know that '.com', '.net', '.org' actually indicate three different things. Commercial purposes are indicated by '.com', network purposes by '.net' and non-profit purposes by '.org'. Nowadays, this strict division does not hold. Choose any of the extensions available for domain names without thinking too much about these ins and outs.

Using uppercase or lowercase letters

As mentioned above, your domain name can have anything ranging from letters to numbers or even to dashes. Let me tell you that capitalization makes no difference at all.

Should my domain name have dash?

It may so happen that you may desire a domain name like www.yourstruly.com, but the same might have already been booked, but it would be available as www.yours-truly.com. So it is at your disposal whether you wish to accept the domain with the dash or try a new phrase. But remember the following things:

1) Using a dash in your domain name can be never ideal for communication. Users are likely to end up at a wrong site unless you tell them the proper place to put the dash and they put it perfectly.

2) Dash is often left out by people as it is always difficult to use and uncommon to type.

Price of a Domain Name: You need to know that you have to pay as annual fee ranging from $6 to $50 varying as per the registration service) for your right to use the chosen domain name. But, it is just a rental service without letting you purchase the domain name.

Whether you choose the cheapest and the unknown or questionable registrants or not will influence the cost. My reminder is that a long-run loss may be cost by a short-run saving. At the time of registration, the access control panel domain is definitely important. A large majority of domain registrars permit modifying domain hosting, managed DNS records, and even broadening the domain for transferring the domain to another registrar through the Web interface without referring particularly to Support. You can thus be in total control. Once you have got the domain name started working to develop it for promoting your objects, you certainly would not want to admit some mistakes made by the registrars.

So keep the things mentioned above in mind before selecting a registrar and registering your domain with them. Is it okay to let someone else handle my domain name?

It is expected that you will remain the owner or administrative contact of the account to solve future problems, though you can let others manage. For example, the information needed to shift your files to a new server in the future may be impossible to edit for you. You won't be able to direct browsers to your site's new location if you are not the owner or administrator of the domain name.

As more than 20,000,000 domain names have already been registered, it is indeed surprising if you are satisfied with your domain name. Your choice of your domain name affects your purchasing the domain name. Apart from this, you can be inspired in the future in the future to think about an unregistered name that can be secured. Let me remind you that if you give a suitable mount of money (which you should have in your pocket) to the present owner of the perfect domain name, it is both sensible and wise.

People look at you as a marketer who has done some research which familiarizes you with many opinions. Selecting a domain name may be discouraging at times, but there are 2 common points:

1. Select the domain name as soon as you lay down your business plan.

2. Make it first to select once you choose a name.

In conclusion, buy the domain names that have fascinated you even if you haven't resolved your business plan. If it is bought at a reasonably priced registrar like GoDaddy, then it is not very expensive. You can resell it in the future or perhaps even improve it with creative content. But, you may not get it in the future if you do not buy it at once.
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