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How to turn a Group into a Team

Jul 23, 2008
Every Los Angeles office wants the same thing for the individual departments within the office; to transcend the individual competition stage and work as a cohesive team. They want every department to be an energetic group of diverse individuals who are committed to achieving common objectives, who work well together, enjoy doing so and who produce high quality

Of course, when you throw this diverse group of people together how likely is that to happen on its own? Not very. Chances are most, if not every member of your team is a competitive individual who thinks his or her ideas are the best. The ability to prove that they are better at what they do than others is probably what got them the job over several other applicants in the first place.

Critical comments and sarcastic office banter can lead to a lack of confidence in ability and awkwardness between colleagues, which can have a huge impact on the way they work together and collaborate on projects. This is more than destructive for team building, it prevents colleagues from even wanting to work together or cooperate as a team.

After the hiring process is over and the position has been secured, it's time to work together. The time has passed for competition. It is now time to collaborate and become a stronger, smarter, more efficient team than any individual could be on his or her own, regardless of ability.

Los Angeles team building activities can help accomplish this goal. Although employees often moan and complain about Los Angeles team building activities being a waste of time, studies have shown that they really do increase productivity as well as satisfaction in the work place. They have proven to be a good investment for employers. But Los Angeles team building activities have to be well planned, have definite and clear objectives, and actually be fun in order to be successful.

Spending an entire day in a group with people you'll never need to interact with again working to accomplish a meaningless task may be an okay way to meet new friends you might otherwise not have known, but is probably not be the best Los Angeles team building activity to help with interdepartmental relationship building.

Taking team members out of their usual work setting and giving them a fun task, such as a creative scavenger hunt or team race, will do more to build friendships, open doors of communication, allow people to step up in leadership roles, and address problems they may foresee in plans to accomplish goals. These types of activities are more appropriate for Los Angeles team building.

There are many resources available to help you plan an unforgettable Los Angeles team building event, and many companies have budgets for such activities. You'll see that it's worth the time and money spent to build an enthusiastic committed team when you're team surpasses your expectations for creativity, problem solving, and cohesive accomplishment.
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Watson Adventures offers amazing Los Angeles team building (http://www.watsonadventures.com/los_angeles.html) activities to help your department become a team. The author Art Gibb is a freelance writer.
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