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The Road to Success Begins With Quality Content

Jul 23, 2008
The importance of website content cannot be overstated. Of all the search engine optimization techniques this ranks head and shoulders above the rest. Site visitors, search engines and site owners want exactly the same thing in this regard - lots of quality information.

When your site has a great deal to offer in terms of informative pages it makes the site "sticky", meaning the reader is more likely to stay on your site. The longer a visitor stays on your site, the more likely they are to buy something or contact you. Content also gives your site and therefore your business more credibility. You become known as a source of information, an opinion leader in your field. People are more likely to recommend your site to their friends. Search engines will consider your site more valuable, which is likely to translate into higher rankings. You have more potential pages to rank in the search engines, which alone could create more business. As an interesting test, type a search term into Yahoo or Google. Take a look at the listings that appear in the portion in the middle of the page. Notice how many of these don't just go to the home page of a site. The Internet is a giant collection of catalogued pages - not just websites. So you can see the more pages you have the better your chances of getting ranked highly for the search terms you want.

To enhance the overall effectiveness of your content pages these should be based on the right search terms. A search term is a word or series of words that a user types into a search engine when looking for a product or service such as you offer. It is worth taking a little time to find the best terms on which to base your content. Am important factor is to write your content around more specific search phrases. For instance you would not want to bother with optimizing for "real estate". Too many pages on the Internet contain this term and it's not even what your potential public would type in to find your site. Writing optimized content for a term such as "denver homes for sale", "foreclosures in Denver", "sell your house in Denver".

Once the proper search terms have been decided up it's time to write the page. The page should be 500 to 1000 words in length (more or less) and should emphasize the selected term. Preparing your page for the search engines has a few techniques and rules, which also need to be applied.

Quality, relevant, search term rich pages will do the following for your site:

1. The search engines "love" site with lots of quality content and will spider your site more frequently if content is being added on a regular basis..

2. Visitor will stay on your site longer, which translates into more sales and leads.

3. Visitors will recommend your site to friends.

4. Other sites will eventually start linking to yours.

5. Rich content, based on keyword research, improves individual page rankings thereby creating more entry pages for visitors onto your site.

6. If you have created the content yourself you can submit the articles and get even more links to your site from all over the Internet.

Search engines and Website visitors are all looking for true and valuable information. All we have to do is give it to them.
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Meridith Berk is one of the founders of UltimateSitePromotion.com one of the oldest and most respected Search Engine Optimizing and Pay Per Click management firms on the Internet. For more information about The Importance of Content you can visit her site at UltimateSitePromotion.com
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