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Global Resorts Network - And How to Not Make Those Silly Mistakes That Will Kill Your Business

Jul 23, 2008
Let me tell you something about the day your Global Resorts Network mentor signed you up into the business. Did he tell you anything about funded proposals?

If you're sitting there right now with a puzzled look on your face then you won't be the only one. And it's a crazy situation because by not telling you about them, your mentor is actually limiting your chances of really making a serious amount of money from network marketing!

He would no doubt have told you that you need to do all you can to attract as many potential signs up as you can, and this will involve advertising - which can be very expensive (something your Global Resorts Network sponsor probably won't have underlined).

What a funded proposal does is to effectively maximize the potential of your advertising efforts, by appealing to everyone that is interested in network marketing. If your own Global Resorts Network sponsor didn't appeal to you in this way it's very likely that you are now a leg up on them and they don't know a thing about it.

The fact is, if you present yourself as a leader and offer people something more generic in terms of are port on network marketing, you have two chances of signing them up with you as their Global Resorts Network sponsor. This is because you'll be staying in touch with them and telling them more about the opportunity in the future as well.

As you gain experience you will also be able to write reports and e-books on the subject which would appeal to everyone in network marketing. This gives you the chance of making some extra sales and developing another means of income quite apart from being a Global Resorts Network sponsor. You'll get better results from using funded proposals than you will from any standard type of advertising.

So you see, despite what your Global Resorts Network sponsor might say there is more than one way to make an income from the business. All you need to do is look at it from a completely different angle - one you might not have been told about before.

It might be time to review what your Global Resorts Network sponsor has told you, and find a different way forward that will maximize your income for the minimum of effort. Be the best Global Resorts Network sponsor there is and appeal to the masses instead of to just one small group.

Think about it this way: Mac Donald's doesn't really make a profit on the burger - they are just to get you through the door. Once you're in they sell you fries and carbonated sugar-water. That's the real money. That's your main opportunity. The Burger you sell them, though, shouldn't just be tasty, it should contain real value. That's how your perception changes in their eyes. And that is what this is really all about.
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