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Nline Directory Helps Water-Based Businesses Stay Afloat

Jul 23, 2008
If you're looking for an exhaustive list of all the companies which could satisfy your nautical needs while in the Caribbean, look no farther than Puerto Rico Charters. Whether you are looking to charter a yacht for sailing, or to experience some exciting deep sea fishing, or even to spend the day snorkeling and diving with the beautiful and diverse aquatic life, this all-inclusive Puerto Rico travel directory will help you fulfill your needs!

Deep sea fishing is always good in Puerto Rico. Due to the geography of the island, deep water is never too far away from the 272 miles of coastline in Puerto Rico. Launching from nearly any spot, a good fishing area is never really more than half-an-hour away from the mainland. Boats to the deep sea areas can generally be charted for either half or full day excursions and most boats typically seat up to six passengers, with fishing capabilities for four of those passengers.

Quite a large variety of fish generally are caught in deep sea fishing expeditions. Chartered boats have been known to reel in dorado, mahi-mahi, wahoo, yellow fin tuna, and white marlin. Blue marlin are also readily caught in these waters but are customarily always returned to the water. The north side of Puerto Rico is actually known as "Blue Marlin Alley," for the large number of fish that migrate through the area, typically during the summer months. The Puerto Rico fishing directory can aid you in finding just the right schooner to help you catch a big one!

The Puerto Rico directory can also point you in the right direction to help you find the right team to take you scuba diving. Between lessons to equipment handling to actual diving, learning to scuba and snorkel is quite an exciting experience and you'll want to make sure that you have just the accurate group to help you live it.

Puerto Rico is actually considered to be one of the most perfect locations in the world for diving, as the water is averaged at a warm 81 degrees and the water is so clear that the normal visibility is anywhere from 60 to 75 feet under the surface. Diving can provide you with views unlike any other in the world, presenting you with an in your face view of plants and animals that you are unlikely to ever see elsewhere or in such proximity. Crabs, sea horses, parrot fish, and even some octopus have been known to frequently appear on a typical snorkeling expedition!

The Puerto Rico Charters.com will come in great help to anyone searching for the perfect vessel to enjoy their trip in. It can provide contact information for many of the various companies that offer both boats and crews and spending time researching them will prove only to be beneficial. Different types of boats are available to those interested, between the bareboat style monohull, which is better suited to more experienced sailor, to the catamaran, which is more friendly to newer sailors and people who either get seasick easily or are nervous about voyaging. Catamarans don't experience as much rolling in port as monohulls do, are generally more comfortable and private, and are safer for those travelling with children.

Puerto Rico Charters provides any who are interested with many different options for any of their sailing needs, giving a very thorough list of the many different companies available. It offers both featured and basic listings for many different types of boats and crews and should be researched in order to fulfill any vacation needs! Make sure that you check out this valuable resource today!
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