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Get More Done In Your Home Business By Chunking

Jul 23, 2008
Would you eat a burger before buying it? So many people go through life doing things in the wrong sequence, that they often wonder why life will not go there way!

In this article, you will discover:
* What is chunking?
* How to plan your day to achieve your best
* Some tips for home business success

* What is chunking?
How do some people achieve so much in one day, while others barely get anything done? Motivation may have a key part to play in doing so much in your home business; however, it is not everything when you are taking action.

In the morning, the night before or whenever you decide to do your planning for your business day, you plan. There are so many different ways to plan the day for your home business that it would be hard to list them all! However, most people will simply look at what needs to be done, and go from there. Others may number tasks, and take action on the tasks that's necessary to move there home business forward.

Chunking is a way of taking your actions and adding another level to achievement. You would never eat a burger before buying it; and you never go on holiday until you decide on a destination! Some people will start there day checking emails, and then spend a lot of there day doing other tasks, and keep returning to the looking at email.

Chunking is getting your tasks and joining them into similar tasks. So all email writing and checking is put in one section, and all entering invoices are done at same time. When you do this, you get much more done in shorter time. For almost all home business activities the preparation time takes a lot of time. You can cut out this unnecessary time and have more hours in your day!

* How to plan your day to achieve your best
First consider your goals. What do you really want? Then look at your top 1-3 need to focus on projects.

Most people will simply jot down the tasks that need to be done. If you are looking at this and thinking planning a day, what planning! Then you need to start planning! Planning is essential for success in your home business. How else are you going to know what to do to drive your home business forward?

The next step is to number your tasks in order of importance. You will need to move all related tasks into groups - this is the chunking. Now you have groups, and can start from first group and go forward.

* Some tips for home business success
If you are new to business and still finding it hard to get started, then you need to do what athletes do. Take the easiest task and start. Gradually you will gain momentum, and when the day is finished you will wonder how you achieved so much!

If you are disciplined and can take action; And if you are a self starter then it is time for frog eating! Select the task that you simply want to push back, the 'I will do it tomorrow' tasks and take action on it right here right now!
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