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Jul 23, 2008
Many individuals are venturing onto the Internet and accessing the World Wide Web to build a presence online. In the exciting world of technology we are in users can become online gurus sharing knowledge, or entrepreneurs of business. Web hosting allows people of all types to use the internet like never before. Space is purchased by the potential website owner and is accessible to viewers online. Web hosting companies offer these services at a monthly fee. They provide the processing and storage of data, disc space and connection to their services via internet. There can be large upfront investments required for such services. However, there are many high-quality low cost services available for those who seek them out. These services are perfect for the individual with limited financial resources.

When people start out to develop a website they should be aware of their goals for the site. What do they want to achieve? That is the first question they need to ask themselves before attempting to decide on a host. Most web hosts offer a variety of search engine applications and SEO guidelines to help the new site owner gain the traffic they desire. Targeted considerations like why people will read my website, what I can offer my visitors, how will I provide my service on the web: are all questions that enable a website to be designed in the desired format.

Below are some of the tips for web hosting of your new website:

Selecting a web hosting company:

Before anything else, the choice a future website owner needs to make is which web host to use. There are guidelines to base a good decision on. Some of these are:

* Tech support: Be sure the web host offers technical support. Find a server that has 24/7 support so that they will be there when you need them. It's preferable that they have this available in several ways such as via email, phone, or live chat. Check out their performance in this area by reporting an issue and gauging the time of response.

* Discounts and Packages: Companies that offer discounts and packages, and other types of incentives are a great deal for individuals looking for a web host. Many services are offered free as a lure to these types of individuals such as templates and software.

* All in one Hosting: Web hosts that offer bundles of services make it easier for individuals without IT knowledge to use their service. These bundles make it unnecessary to buy a variety of different tools to get one website online.

* MySQ Provisions: This is the most popular database systems. It should be in the basic hosting plan of any web host you consider. Whenever you have a need to build a database MySQL is the database you need to use. Many programs available to add to your website also use MySQL to function.

* Available SSL certificate: If you are launching a website to provide a business, service, or product like an eCommerce site you will require security for your customers. The need to accept payments using credit cards, and gather vital information from customers such as addresses and other private information necessitates a 'Secure Socket Layer'. The web host you consider must provide this service. It is typical for the beginning website owner to focus on storage capacity and bandwidth and overlook SSL. This can be a costly mistake in future operations.

Calculating disc space needs:

The disc space depends on the structure and volume of the website that has to be created. Big portals with chat, email services and news items coupled with videos then the storage capacity is very large. In comparison to this, a 10-15 page website with no such additional items won't consume much space. For a new website, the hosting plans might change later on and there might be the requirement to include more features. Hence it is advisable that the disc space meant for start off. Later on with change in pans those can be upgraded.

The Dedicated Server

This sounds expensive but the manifold aspects of such server cannot be ignored as well. Shared hosting are usually unstable and can suffer from issues like overload, malicious script and coding errors. With dedicated server these problems can be ignored to a large extent. The tendency of violating search engine guidelines, are also reduced with the dedicated server. Flexibility, independence and higher performances can well define the utilities and purposes of dedicated server for hosting new websites.

Selecting the bandwidth

If it is a new website it is always better to sign up for low bandwidth plans. These plan last or about 3 to 4 months and can be upgraded whenever required. Such a technique would save unnecessary hosting charges.

Country specific Web Hosting:

It is always desired that the hosting is conducted, country specific and this is a search engine rule. Google, a popular search engine, identifies a website with relevance to the country. For e.g.: If a England based software company hosts its website in US server, Google will identify the website as relevant for US searcher rather than searcher based in England or places nearby it. Hence the site would be ranked higher in Google.com than in Google.UK.

Select the right sort of server operating system

Most new sites use services based on Linux, or the UNIX based BSD. These servers allow for applications in Perl/CGI, PHP, FrontPage and such. It is essential that a Windows environment is used if you need ASP, .NET, MySQL, Access, or SBS as these require Windows to operate. This selection can be difficult if you are not aware website technicalities.

There are many 'ifs' and 'buts' that will enter the picture as you decide on the proper web host. Highly technical implementation can also hinder your abilities to gain access to your site. In those cases it is advisable to seek the aid of a website developer that can get you operating efficiently.
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