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4 Tips For Hiring A PPC Management Company For Your Campaigns

Jul 23, 2008
Pay-per-click marketing (also known as PPC) can be a potent strategy for increasing your company's ROI. It provides the channel through which you can market your products, collect leads, boost the number of subscribers to your newsletters and meet dozens of other goals. But, effective PPC marketing requires an approach that blends several disciplines. The PPC management company that you hire should be adept with statistical analysis, conversion tracking, keyword research and PPC bid management models.

PPC bid management is a critical element in leveraging your keyword list. It can literally make the difference between a campaign that hemorrhages cash flow or makes a profit. It is the science of modifying your PPC bidding strategies to maximize each keyword's ROI. The firm that you choose to work with must deploy bidding and tracking models that are deep, flexible and efficient. Below, we'll provide you with 4 tips for hiring the right PPC firm for your campaigns.

Tip 1 Ask About Conversion Tracking

Many PPC management firms will simply add a list of keywords to Google AdWords, set the bids and drive traffic to your Web site. Unfortunately, traffic doesn't equal profit. The people who arrive at your Web site must take a predefined action (buy a product, sign up for a newsletter, etc.). The company you hire should use strict conversion tracking models to measure whether people are taking the action you want them to. That's the only way to know if your PPC campaigns are effective.

Tip 2 Ask About PPC Bid Management Tools

Your PPC firm should be using robust bid management tools. Rather than relying on "gut instinct" or other unscientific models, bidding tools help eliminate guesswork in PPC marketing. They're based upon rules that are established to automate shifts in your bids, ultimately maximizing your ROI. These rules can be based upon day-parting strategies (using varying bids during certain times of the day), competitive analysis and other factors.

Tip 3 Ask About Keyword Research

One of the most important facets of PPC management is keyword research. By choosing the right keywords, you can present your marketing message to the right people at the moment they're looking for your products and services. Not all keywords are created equal. And each keyword will have its own respective ROI.

Your PPC management company should be able to describe their initial keyword methodology. Of course, most of the work that builds a campaign which yields a positive ROI is completed after the original keyword list has been compiled. That being said, the initial strategy they implement to uncover the keywords your customers are using is invaluable.

Tip 4 Ask About Traffic Flow

When people click on your ads, they need to be driven toward special pages that are created on your Web site. If they're merely sent to your home page, that traffic is wasted. Landing pages can be designed by your PPC management company to capture leads, sell particular products, or generate any other predefined action. Then, those actions can be measured based upon other parameters of your PPC campaigns to determine the ROI.

The landscape is littered with inexperienced people who are selling themselves as PPC management specialists. They'll offer to build your campaigns and make them profitable. However, effective PPC management entails disciplines that require a trained eye and familiarity with robust tracking and statistical models. When you're ready to explore having the benefit of a team of PPC experts managing your campaigns, use the tips above to find the right partner for your business.
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Aaron Wittersheim is an author for Whoast, Inc., a leading Search Engine Marketing and web design firm headquartered in Chicago. Whoast assists clients with every aspect of SEO from link building campaigns and web site optimization to keyword research and PPC bid management.
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