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Wholesale Video Games Business Warning!

Jul 24, 2008
If you are new to auction sites; you have probably seen wholesale video games, laptops, and discount accessories among other kind of items being advertised as actual tangible products online when they are not the intended product you think. Most often when it comes to many of our today popular auctions at first impression, you either read the entire imprint of the auction site before buying or you just didn't purchase either way.

With such situation happening by the day, it occurs because most of us do not read auction descriptions entirely or as usual when most of us start, the complete correct description is no where to be found. The consequence being, you either got robbed or something that you thought was, just was not. Many of these auction sites having such problems have taken measures to prevent people arriving at easy to spot trickery, however, most of our favorite auction sites just cannot control the flood of selling trickery fast enough.

How can someone prevent getting scammed on the Internet? Not just on eBay, but on the entire world wide web and protect personal information from malignant people? If you are a business owner or self-employed, this might this one might do the job for you.

If you are self-employed have you ever thought of incorporating yourself? If you are just a buyer, think of this fact. Incorporating yourself and having an actual company takes very little effort and cash-flow on your part if you follow the law.

There is no need for CPA or lawyer paper work most of the time at the beginning, it is simple enough, however, we highly advise you to consult with a lawyer or CPA. Reason why is most often all you need is around 3-5 papers with your personal information and a few stamps and around $100 if you are in Puerto Rico. Boom! You have a new company, a new identity, instant savings and starting protection.

This usually is important as your personal identity or your personal address are not associated with you or your name when you write checks or when you make payments on the Internet if you get a Business Visa or a corporate credit card to buy merchandise. It most often protects your name from fraudulent acts and plainly, makes it harder for a person stole your identity or steal from you.

One that is still a rising problem today, if you have purchased not just wholesale video games, electronics or in other words, someday you are going to get a crook asking you for name, address, city, zip code with the addition of your social security and date of birth - all at the same time in combination! Even if you have someone asking for your date of birth on the order form and you cannot find much information about the company or person who is selling to you, why risk entering the information?

Today there are many sites asking you for the date of birth for incentive purposes when your birthday arrives or to provide you bonuses and discounts in the future, just like top favorite Borders. However, if you usually do not know who you are dealing with or cannot find anything credible about a given source on the Internet, you must remember the childhood empirical rules of - Do not talk to strangers - most often they come as a relief! Logically, why risk it or sweat it? Whether it would be for wholesale video games or for the latest magic pill solution, use your logic and do not assume.
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